Loco update – June 2010

26024 and 26004 when both were in service

26024 and 26004 when both were in service

26024 is in regular use at Bo’ness but has a leak from the left hand radiator settling tank which will need to be removed for repair over the winter. This is a major job and will need done when shed space is available.

26004 is still stored awaiting repair. We dicussed getting the engine running again at the AGM and hope to buy a set of refurbished batteries later this year. The overhaul of 26024’s bogies is making steady progress. The first bogie frame has been almost completely shotblasted and painted in primer, some minor welding repairs are required then we can start reassembly.

The primary springs have all been tested using a calibrated press and are all ok. Two wheelsets were sent to Pullmans in Cardiff for overhaul and fitting of the new bearings but problems have been found with one of the gearwheels. One tooth is badly cracked due to old age and would eventually have broken off. To sort this we need to get spare wheelsets out of the accommodation bogies under 26004 which will require a lift.

All this is going to cost more money… so whatever you can spare, buy a share!

6LDA Standing Order Mandate
6LDA Share Application form


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