19 years ago today….

Its hard to believe it really was 19 years ago today that 26004 & 26026 were used on a Perth-Edinburgh-Inverness-Edinburgh-Perth passenger diagram.
Having written a few begging letters to Scotrail suggesting the use of class 26’s on passenger trains they finally succumbed to the pressure!

It was arranged to use a pair of class 26’s on the following diagram:-
2P10 06:45 Perth – Edinburgh
1H11 11:30 Edinburgh – Inverness
1B36 16:27 Inverness – Edinburgh
2P47 21:22 Edinburgh – Perth

There were a couple of reasons for selecting the above turn, first of all from an operational point of view it was the simplest but the main one (although never mentioned in the letters!) it was the diagram with the highest amount of mileage on offer.

Suggestions were also put forward as to which 26’s appeared to be more reliable over the previous months. 26004 & 26026 were duly selected from this list, given an exam on the Friday at Eastfield before running up to Perth light engine.
On the day they performed exceptionally well, the only issue was a faulty speedo on 26004. So as well as being fuelled at Inverness they were also turned to allow 26026 to lead on the return. They were turned again at Edinburgh in the Evening.

It was a great day out and also started a good relationship between 6LDA group and Scotrail. We had several more trips over the final year or so of 26 action, but this was by far the best.

Great memories.

Here are a few photos taken from the the day:-


One response to “19 years ago today….

  1. After the debacle of 7.9.91, it was quite a relief that Scotrail entertained the thought of some type 2s on a service train again. I’d forgotten about the fault on 004. A very good day indeed….

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