This is the sound, this is the sound, of the Sulzers

Diesels in the Highlands: Argo/Staveley Makepeace

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One of the very very few UK diesel LPs ever made, Diesels in the Highlands (ZTR 147) was issued on the Argo/Transacord label as an Argo/Stavely Makepeace recording.

Diesels in the Highlands LPThe label was set up by highly acclaimed film sound recordist Peter Handford; the recordings for the three diesel records released (Sounds of the Westerns; Sounds of the Deltics and Diesels in the Highlands) were done by Nigel Fletcher and Rob Woodward of the bands Stavely Makepeace and Lieutenant Pigeon.

IMG_0846This stereo record captures Class 26s; 25s, 40s , 47s and a 6 car DMU on the Far North lines including the Kyle line, the freight line from Aberdeen to Fraserburgh and Carrbridge to Inverness. Featured are 25246+25079; 26010; 26012; 26013; 26014; 26015; 26030+26009; 26031; 26032; 26036; 26042; 26044.

To date, the recording hasn’t been re-released digitally. Copies occasionally turn up on ebay at around a tenner; buy one and perplex the neighbours!

You can find out more about the history of the recordings via the Transacord Digital site and of some other railways recordings on Ian Strange’s site.

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