26024 and 26038: 2018 update

The NYMR has requested 26038 to remain at the railway during 2018 to perform similar duties as it has performed over the past year. Money from running fees is being ploughed back into the overhaul of parts to restore 26024 to traffic – much of the work being relatively expensive.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 20.40.1626038 rests between duties at Grosmont on Saturday 19th August 2017. Photo: Jonathan Bestwick

As well as the set of fuel-injectors and fuel-pumps which have been sent to Colchester for overhaul, a triple pump is to receive overhaul to help return 024 to traffic. Replacement nylon gears have also been purchased to improve future reliability. It is hoped that the power unit will be run up during 2018. Space in the shed is also sought to rectify the traction motor bearing problems that were discovered some time ago.

Has operated over 5,000 miles during 2017, and has the distinction of being the highest mileage diesel locomotive in operation at a preserved railway this year (and has probably clocked-up more miles than some preserved locos that are certified for mainline operation). Only two minor failures have occurred during the intensive running, once due to a DSD fault, and once due to a broken air-pipe.

The locomotive is to be based at Pickering over the winter period to help with permanent way duties and it is intended to be used over the 2018 running season.

Although the running fees from the NYMR should – hopefully –  keep us in good financial stead for the time being, we do need to keep up standing order payments or other fund-raising initiatives in the long-term to keep our locos on the rails.

You can do the honours here! After all, it’s the Class’ 60th birthday soon…

6LDA Standing Order Mandate
6LDA Share Application form


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