2013 update


The loco has remained in service since March2012, the issue with the settler tank leak needs to be addressed to allow the loco to be in service all year, but this requires shed space and an availability of other locos to provide cover. It isn’t a huge job to repair the tank, but getting to the tank to be able to perform the repair requires quite a few things to be removed first… A repaint could be done at the same time – and the discs (already purchased and made up) will be put onto 26024 at this time.

The bogie overhaul is slowly progressing, a lot of parts have been removed cleaned / repaired and are ready for re-assembly. One wheelset has been found to be for scrap only.

Spring 2013: 26024 has been brought into the shed for its exam and quite a few
things required work before the loco is ready, as we drained the coolant
over winter due to a leak we have refilled the loco with coolant,
carried out a service on the batteries checking terminals, covers, cell
charge and levels.  With the exhausters and compressors getting checked
over and topped up as required


Update: 26004 is now for sale.

One of the accommodation bogies (ex 26005) has been taken out from under 004 to get the wheelsets out.

New batteries have been purchased for 004. The battery box is in worse condition than first thought so this needs to be repaired before the new batteries are fitted.

Some of the gutters on the inside of the bodywork have been tidied up and a few areas have been treated to stop them from rusting any further.

The engine room doors are in a bad way, but it is hoped that a local companycan fabricate some new ones.


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