2014 update

26004 has now been sold.

Once 26004 leaves Bo’ness 6LDA will continue to support 004’s restoration by the supply of documentation and drawings for 26s, and continuing technical support/advice.

004 has entered the shed; the two accommodation bogies are having the spare traction motors fitted, and will be placed under 004.

The loco is in full working order but needs the following carried out;

  • Air receiver re-certification
  • Repairs to the radiator settling tanks
  • Roof repairs to stop rain water getting in
  • Fitment of engine room guttering
  • Welding repairs to corrosion damage on the body
  • Finish the cabs off
  • Repaint

This will be tackled at Bo’ness over the rest of this year and Winter 2014 with the aim of having it back in action by Spring 2015.

038 has been a regular performer at Bo’ness during 2013 & 2014 with only minor repairs required to the brake system and to some leaking air pipes.


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