6LDA: help us!

We preserve, maintain and operate 26024 and 26038
You can help us by giving us your time, and your money! Shares (£20 each) are available in our engines… a regular standing order really helps us!

6LDA Standing Order Mandate

6LDA Share Application form

Using the easysearch link helps raise funds too:

You can raise funds through this link:  https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/6ldagroup/

26024 on tour

The 6LDA group was formed in 1991 with the aim of preserving a Class 26. The group bought two Class 26 locomotives, 26004 and 26024, and agreement was reached with the Scottish Railway Preservation Society for our locos to be based at the Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway, where they’ve been based since November 1994.

The locos were purchased in September 1992 and arrived at Boness in 1994 after asbestos removal at MC Metals at Glasgow Works. 004 was in working order when we bought it whilst 26024 had a damaged traction motor and parts missing. 004 first ran in 1996 at Boness and restoration into Trainload Coal livery was completed for the Llangollen Railway Diesel Gala in April 1998. After this it ran at the ELR then appeared at Toton open day. In 1999 it appeared at the KWVR and then ran at Boness until 2001 when it was stopped for repairs and hasn’t run since.

Meanwhile, 26024 was restored including a traction motor change and first ran at Boness in 2000. It subsequently appeared at Polmadie open day (2000), the KWVR in 2001, the NYMR in 2005 (after a repaint), the ELR in 2006 and 2007 and the KWVR again in 2007. Prior to the visit to the NYMR in 2005 the bogies from 26004 were fitted as a wheelset change was required on one bogie and a traction motor change on the other. 26004 was fitted with 2 spare bogies acquired from a civil engineering contractor who had used them to transport bridge beams on London Underground. These had originally been fitted to 26005.

26004 has now been sold and 26038 was purchased.


3 responses to “6LDA: help us!

  1. Hi.

    Please could you add the Easysearch and Easyfundraising links to this “Help Us!” page? And maybe also a link to the Facebook page?

  2. Sorry for delay in replying – I either don’t get email notification of a message/response or, perhaps more likely, I’ve not seen it amongst my other unread messages!

    Anyway, the Facebook page I was suggesting a link to is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/167856469896732 i.e. for “6LDA Preserving 26004 and 26024”. Yes, I know the numbers are now out of date!

    Hope this helps.

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