The Sou’West managed some outrageous pairs on Sunday diversions; the Class managed some good English workings on Barrows and Carlisle to Newcastle trains, as well as some railtour workings south of the Border. But there were to be several withdrawals as well…

Saturday 05/01/91
1S25 Euston to Inverness; Perth to Blair Atholl. Piloting the Duff after heavy snowfalls.

Saturday 02/02/91
Rugex, Queen Street to Cowlairs chord, keeping 47593 company on the triangle.

Sunday 03/02/91
Go here for a report on all 26s on this day.

26021 on Grangemouth freight

Sunday 24/02/91
1O90 1210 Glasgow Central to Brighton; Glasgow to Carlisle via the Sou’West. The train before had been 47209, suggesting a slight shortage of strummers… The 26s departed on time and arrived at Carlisle 14 down; 26040 went back to Polmadie with 47209 (0B00 arriving 1755), 024 returned on its own, arriving Polmadie at 2050.

Monday 25/02/91
1748 1B17 Carstairs to Waverley. 47636 had burst at Carstairs with a coolant leak 26024 and 26040 arrived from Polmadie: 040 to remove 636 and 024 for 1B17. 024 put up a fine performance. Also out that week on portions: 47063, 47114, 47209, 47210 and 47321.

Monday 04/03/91
0954 1B08 Carstairs to Waverley. 47474 piloted the 26 into Waverley, and both engines were working.

Sunday 31/03/91
1055 1V60 Glasgow Central to Plymouth; Glasgow to Carlisle, via the Sou’West. The original engine for 1V60 had to go and rescue 1O11 at Barrhead, so the 26s came off Polmadie.

Sunday 07/04/91
1610 1M46 Glasgow Central to Euston; Glasgow to Beattock. An engineering over-run meant no power, so 26046 took load 11 plus a dead 87…

Thursday 11/04/91
1723 Carlisle to Whitehaven; 1839 Whitehaven to Carlisle (on both turns dragging a 108).

Friday 19/04/91
26046 was withdrawn 1400hrs at Eastfield, stopped as surplus to requirements. 26015 received parts from 046 to return to traffic. 26001 emerged from Glasgow Works after fire damage repairs.

26041 6D17 Thornton – Mossend freight

Saturday 27/04/91
Cartsburn Tunnel to Wemyss Bay. 3030xx failed in the tunnel and brought the wires down, so the 26 ran light from Polmadie to push the unit. It’s unclear where the normals were detrained.

Thursday 02/05/91
0659 2E32 Carlisle to Newcastle. Dragging a 108. It then returned light to Carlisle.

Sunday 12/05/91
26038 was allocated to work the 1522 2E38 Carlisle to Newcastle, but unfortunately the fitters fixed the unit in time.

26002 was released from Glasgow Works after traction motor repairs.

26035 Cadder – Larbert ballast; 0N18 Larbert to Eastfield

26040 6N06 Grangemouth – Mossend

Tuesday 14/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden. This turn (with Network SouthEast and vacuum-braked stock) was booked for a 26 off Millerhill’s AB27 trip.

26040 6N05 Larbert – Cadder Yard ballast

Wednesday 15/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

0607 2G11 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden; Townhill to Cowdenbeath. This turn was booked for a 47 off the previous night’s 3Y97 vans; however, 47562 failed at Townhill and 26042 ran light from Thornton, taking the train three miles to Cowdenbeath where it was caped.

1222 5MO1 Carlisle Yard to Crewe ECS. It arrived Crewe at 1515 and returned light to Carlisle.

26021 7N18 Larbert – Cadder yard ballast

26027 6N05 Cadder – Larbert ballast

Thursday 16/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

Friday 17/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

1010 1M42 Inverness to Euston; Pitlochry to Waverley. 47593 came over all hot and bothered at the Pit, so 26036 came light off Perth and dragged the train and dead Duff to Waverley. Despite load 11 and a dead 47 in the consist, 036 managed a max of 72mph at Saughton. It arrived at Waverley 100 minutes late. This was the first time a Dutch-liveried 26 had worked a passenger train.

Monday 20/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden. 26005 had been allocated up to 1458, but failed.

Tuesday 21/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden. 005 had been out of service for most of the previous winter and spring with fire damage to its traction motors.

26026 5Z26 Perth to Carlisle with a van for a kettle trip.

Wednesday 22/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

1743 2E34 Carlisle to Newcastle, with a 108 unit, then returned light.

26002 6E84 Millerhill to Tyne Yard, piloting a 56 on a MGR.

Thursday 23/05/91
0607 2G11 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden; 1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

Friday 24/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

26006 + 26027 6Z72 Methil – Falkland Yard with 36 empty mgr wagons

Saturday 25/05/91
26038 1Z36 Carlisle to Falkland Yard; and then Ayr to Carlisle. On a Class 20 railtour, in multi with 37245. 26002 and 26007 topped and tailed with 20124 and 20138 from Killoch to Falkland Yard and Chalmerston to Ayr.

Monday 27/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

26028 7N18 Larbert – Cadder yard ballast

Tuesday 28/05/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

26002 + 26003 6Z70 Methil – Falkland Junction coal

Wednesday 29/05/01
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden. 37153 had been allocated but blew up; 005 staggered round losing 30 minutes en route.

26002 + 26003 6Z70 Methil – Falkland Junction with 24 coal wagons

26028 + 9 sealion ballast Larbert – Mossend

26041 6N06 Mossend – Grangemouth

26028 6N05 Cadder – Polmont ballast

Saturday 01/06/91
1712 2A74 Dundee to Montrose; 2Y46 Montrose to Perth.

26003 + 26002 7Z69 Killoch – Longannet with 24 loaded coal

26035 North through Larbert with 3 Sturgeon rail wagons

26041 Menstrie – Mossend freight

Saturday 08/06/91
1500 1B37 Inverness to Waverley; Inverness to Perth. 26035 had failed at Dalwhinnie on the AL02 trip on the Friday. It was dragged to Inverness for attention to its N/LOP, arriving 1300hrs. Maintenance was competed at 0230hrs on the Saturday morning, and it was allocated back on 0P00. But at 1300hrs, Control changed their minds, and it went back on the 1500 piloting 47595 with both engines working.

Monday 10/06/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

Tuesday 11/06/91
1703 2G13 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden.

26025 0100 5T30 Carlisle to Crewe (returned light engine).

Tuesday 18/06/91
26015 expires while working the 5B45 Tu/Wo Polmadie to Craigentinny ECS. It was battered at Craigentinny, but after returning to Polmadie on the return 5D65 turn, it went to Eastfield for inspection. There it was found to have scrap wheelsets and was marked up as life expired… Meanwhile, 26002 was awaiting new bogies, which FEPE sector weren’t prepared to pay for. So, 26015’s bogies had the scrap wheelsets removed, and the bogies went under 26002. 26015 was transferred to DXXD status (effectively withdrawn) and 26002 was transferred to the DCHA fleet 18/06/91.

37410 + 26025 on Grangemouth freight

Saturday 22/06/91
1101 Carlisle to Barrow; 1458 Barrow to Carlisle; 1743 2E46 Carlisle to Newcastle.

Sunday 23/06/91
26038 ran light to Newcastle after spending the night at Heaton.

26015 was withdrawn at 2000hrs, leaving 26 26s in traffic.

26004 7N05 Mossend – Larbert with 10 dogfish ballast

Monday 01/07/91
1101 2M31 Carlisle to Barrow; 1400 Barrow to Carlisle; 1644 2C36 Carlisle to Barrow; 2012 2C39 Barrow to Carlisle. 025 spends 12 hours on the Cumbrian coast as Heaton has no fewer than 8 units out of service…

Wednesday 03/07/91
26025 took some 108s across to Newcastle from Carlisle and returns light engine.

Friday 05/07/91
1101 2M31 Carlisle to Barrow; 1400 Barrow to Carlisle.

Saturday 06/07/91
26003, 26025 and 26032 were transferred to a new sector, DCHB. This was the limited-working engineering pool.

26038 6N04 Grangemouth – Mossend freight

26037 0N05 Grangemouth – Cadder light engine

26041 0N05 Grangemouth – Cadder light engine

Saturday 13/07/91
Carlisle toAyr via Mauchline; Ayr to Killoch/Waterside; Ayr to Carlisle. 1Zxx Hertfordshire Railtours ‘Ayr Restorer’. 37695 was attached for the collieries; the pair managed 81mph max on the Sou’West on the return. Particularly impressive since ‘Father of the Class’ 26028 had the highest accumulated engine hours of the surviving members of the class.

Perth to Inverness on the ‘Orcadian’ (St Pancras to Kyle). 47808 runs out of coolant south of Berwick; 47562 rescues it and goes forward to Waverley, where 808 is removed and 562 continues. However, the driver at Perth fails it for low power, and 26014 and 26042 go forward with load 13 (including Mk3 schlafs) to Inverness. At Inverness, they almost came back on a 1415 additional to Waverley, but there was a spare driver who took them back light.

26004 6Z47 Mossend – Thornton freight

Sunday 18/07/91
26006 manages to derail itself at Beattock while working an engineers’ train. Damage was confined to the brakes and the repair was completed at Eastfield by 23/08/91.

Friday 26/07/91
26001 was named ‘Eastfield’ at ED at 1415. Meanwhile 26007 was being repainted in Dutch.

26027 was withdrawn at 1400. After completion of a B exam at ED on 21/06/91, 26001 was diagnosed scrap wheelsets, so 027 was withdrawn to donate its wheels.
26006 and 26007 were transferred from FEPE to DCHB, leaving Trainload Coal workings without Class 26s for the first time in 25 years… 26007 was the last sector-allocated engine to work a coal train on the day before; however, 26002 (DCHA) spent a week at the end of August working to Cockenzie off Millerhill.

Monday 29/07/91
1500 2C44 Carlisle to Barrow; 1843 2C33 Barrow to Carlisle.

26035 0N05 Grangemouth – Mossend ballast engine

Wednesday 31/07/91
26021 ran light from Millerhill to rescue a failed Class 305 EMU on the 1023 North Berwick to Haymarket. It is unclear where the normals were detrained. 021 then continued to Shields Road (GW) with the defective unit.

Thursday 01/08/91
0607 2G11 Waverley to Waverley via Cardenden; Cardenden to Waverley. 26008 came off Thornton after 47114 had lost power.

Saturday 03/08/91
Maxwelltown to Carlisle. This was a Branch Line Society tour, the ‘Northern Explorer’. 26041 powered the load 12 train, with 31312 at the rear.

26003 and 26007 are transferred DCHB to DCHA.

26008 6M48 Cameron Bridge – Willesden CO2 tanks

Monday 12/08/91
2119 2E50 Carlisle to Newcastle. 041 dragged a 108 and returned light.

Tuesday 13/08/91
0607 2G11 Waverley to Waverley; Cowdenbeath to Waverley. 26008 rushes in when 47973 blows.

Wednesday 14/08/91
0926 Waverley to Glasgow Central; Polmadie to Central. The 107 expired and 042 pushed it in to the blocks. The return 1135 was caped.

Thursday 15/08/91
26003 (DCHA) was repainted in FEPE colours for Workshop Open Day, themed for ‘coal’.

26024 6M48 Cameron Bridge – Willesden with 7 Distillers tanks

26040 6N04 Grangemouth – Mossend

26038 6Z42 Grangemouth – Mossend

Saturday 31/08/91
1110 2E38 Carlisle to Newcastle. A 31 had worked the Whitehaven leg of the turn. While returning light, several of the 26s bodyside windows fell out… so 041 returned to ED for attention.

Thursday 05/09/91
26037+26038 (FPAE) work 6Z50 Grangemouth to Carlisle oil train when 37s weren’t available. 100% availability wasn’t unusual for these petroleum machines (037, 038, 040 and 041).

Saturday 07/09/91
1010 Waverley to Inverness. 26002 is a last-minute swap for 26003, which had been on special tests the night before at Eastfield. However, 002 blows up leaving Haymarket with the engine overspeed trip and a multi fault… and 001 continues to Perth, where both are removed for 37153. Exit 6LDA!

Thursday 12/09/91
Go here for a report on all 26s on this day.

26014 6Z20 Mossend – Grangemouth freight

26021 on Larbert ballast

Saturday 21/09/91
1Z97 ‘Waverley’ railtour; Carlisle to Waverley to Cardenden to Kirkcaldy to Waverley. This was the AIA Charters Class 31 tour, which had been supposed to have Class 31s throughout. However, Intercity refused to allow non-standard traction on the WCML (this despite a Class 31 dragging a WCML train a few days before into Waverley!), so the 26s were substituted. The first Dutch pair to work a passenger train.

1345 Grosmont to Pickering; 1515 Pickering to Grosmont; 1645 Grosmont to Pickering (tandem with D5032). The North Yorkshire Moors Sulzer Gala day.

6S65 Willesden – Cameron Bridge with 10 Carbon Dioxide tanks

26021 Larbert – Cadder and 6 Turbot ballast wagons

Wednesday 25/09/91
26003 and 26040 return to Eastfield from Shields Road wheel lathe. 003 needed new wheelsets, so these were ordered from Doncaster and 003 hibernated on Eastfield.

Monday 30/09/91
26038 transferred from FPAE to DCHA.

26005 and 26025 were transferred from DCHB to DCHA.

26010, 26014, 26024, 26032 and 26042 were transferred from DCHA to DCHB. Owing to overspend on East Coast engineering, there were to be few east Coast turns for these engines over the coming months (in November, 26010 did not leave the old DMU shed at Eastfield for over three weeks). Only some extensive work around Motherwell saw the locos working at all regularly.

26021 and 26028 were earmarked for withdrawal (DXXD) as high on hours and surplus to requirements.

Tuesday 01/10/91
26021 was withdrawn at 0830. It had spent its last few days working AN04 ballast trips off Grangemouth, and it ran light from GM to ED on the morning of the 1st to be shut down.

Wednesday 02/10/91
Shortlived ‘Father of the Class’ 26028 was withdrawn at 0800, leaving the fleet strength at 23 and only 26014, 26024 and 26042 in blue. Its last train was the 8B78 0447 Mossend to Millerhill departmental on the 1st. Later that day it ran light to Eastfield and was shut down. It then lost two of its buffers to collision-damaged 26002.

Monday 07/10/91
26037 transferred from FPAE to DCHB, leaving 26041 as the last petroleum 26.

Thursday 10/10/91
26001 and 26007 are dragged by 26043 from Eastfield to Crewe, arriving at 1620.

Saturday 12/10/91
26007+26043 1Z16 0700 Hereford to Carlisle; Crewe to Carlisle via the S&C. This was the load 10 ‘Wye Knot’ tour. The pair put up a good performance and were only a minute late into Carlisle. 007 and 043 were removed and returned to Ed later in the day light. 26001 remained at Crewe as a static exhibit at the Open Day.

Friday 18/10/91
26002 was involved in a head-on collision with several ballast wagons at Barassie PWD. It was towed to Eastfield on Tuesday 22nd, at a maximum speed of 25mph. Repairs were authorised to buffer beams and cab supports.

Monday 21/10/91
26025 failed with a seized turbo on the 8D67 2320 Millerhill to Mossend departmental. It was towed back to Millerhill where Control arranged for 47328 to drag 025 to ED for a battering. Unfortunately, 26035 was also sitting at Millerhill that day. Cue ‘Farce of the Month’… After 47328 had deposited its 26 back at Eastfield, the fitter reported ‘no fault found’ (‘that loco’s sound, there’s no fault found’ etc etc). Meanwhile, the driver on a ballast trip at Millerhill reported he was unable to fire up the 26. Perhaps not surprising, as fit as a fiddle 26035 was now at Eastfield and semi-demic 26025 was still at Millerhill…

Wednesday 25/10/91
26040 arrived at Eastfield for an E exam. The ex-FPAE machine would become the 9th Class 26 to carry Dutch livery, emerging from Eastfield in mid-November.

26006 6S65 Willesden – Cameron Bridge with 4 Carbon Dioxide tanks

Monday 30/10/91
26032 had a B exam at Eastfield, and was diagnosed with scrap bogies. They were swapped with recently-condemned 26021’s. This left 26032, 26010 and 26014 as the only 26s to still carry 26/0 spring-leaf bogies.

Wednesday 18/11/91
26041 was on a rewiring train between Oxenholme and Tebay after gales brought down the wires on the WCML.

Tuesday 31/12/91
1318 1Z33 Carlisle to Leeds. This relief service was wound up for the cranks by Regional Railways, York. 040 and 011 ran light from ED to Carlisle via ML the day before. 47475 was in the consist as an ETHEL. On arrival at Leeds, the pair returned light to Carlisle and then on to ML at 1900.

Sector Changes in 1991
26002; 18/06/91 FEPE/DCHA
26003; 06/07/91 FEPE/DCHB; 03/09/91 DCHB/DCHA
26006; 26/07/91 FEPE/DCHB; 30/09/91 DCHB/DCHA
26007; 26/07/91 FEPE/DCHB; 03/09/91 DCHB/DCHA
26010; 30/09/91 DCHA/DCHB
26014; 30/09/91 DCHA/DCHB
26021; 01/10/91 DCHA/Withdrawn
26024; 30/09/91 DCHA/DCHB
26025; 06/07/91 FPAE/DCHB; 30/09/91 DCHB/DCHA
26028; 02/10/91 DCHA/Withdrawn
26032; 06/07/91 FPAE/DCHB
26036; 30/09/91 DCHA/DCHB
26037; 07/10/91 FPAE/DCHB
26038; 30/09/91 FPAE/DCHA
26040; 30/09/91 FPAE/DCHA
26042; 30/09/91 DCHA/DCHB

DCHA ScotRail Departmental Civil Engineer
DCHB ScotRail Departmental Civil Engineer (weekend-only; 45mph restriction)
FEPE Eastfield Petroleum/Chemicals
FPAE Trainload Coal ScotRail


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