The nine survivors were kept on through the Winter and Spring, as ScotRail Infrastructure had hired six Class 37s to TrainLoad Coal. As of the beginning of the financial year, all the Class 26s became surplus to requirements…
26003 on Larbert ballast

Monday 11/01/93
26043 failed while running light engine from Perth to Thornton as part of the AL07 trip. 26003 hauled it back to Perth, where 043 was patched up before being sent out on snow patrolling duties between Perth and Blair Atholl. The next day it was diagnosed as having a power earth fault and was withdrawn on 19/01/93 at 1520hrs.

Tuesday 12/01/93
Heavy snowfalls in the Highlands saw 26003+26037 sandwiched between two independent snowploughs and ploughing the Highland Main Line between Perth and Dalwhinnie, including the notorious Druimuachdar Summit.

High winds in Ayrshire brought down the wires between Ayr and Kilwinning overnight, so 26036 was used to make two runs dragging stranded EMUs from Ayr to Kilwinning to offer a Kilwinning to Glasgow service.

Tuesday 19/01/93
26025 was used on the 8B78 2330 Mossend to Millerhill and 8D37 return departmentals. Although this was now a pretty solid 37 turn, 26025 also made three further appearances between 19/01 and 23/01 on this duty.

Friday 22/01/93
2K22 0625 Glenrothes toWaverley; Clunybridge to Waverley. The DMU failed and 001 assisted to Waverley.

26037 light to Grangemouth

Tuesday 26/01/93
26025 covered InterCity ballast turns vice a T and then ran to Carstairs to sit as standby engine for the WCML.

26037 shut down at High Street while hauling 90127 from Polmadie to Glasgow Works. 37069 came off Eastfield to assist.

In February, 26037 tried to haul 26025 to Inverness for headlight fitting… but shut down and 025 had to finish the journey itself. 26032 was also fitted with headlights at Perth.

Friday 29/01/93
Go here for a report an all Class 26s on this day.

26032 + 26025 on breakdown train

Tuesday 01/02/93
26036 derailed at Barassie while working trip AR08; after rerailing, it ran to Ayr for examination and rectification. Headlights were then fitted at Perth, and the loco was assigned a D exam at Inverness, running round via Aberdeen (the main line was closed).

26011 + 26037 on Motherwell depot

26011 + 26024 on Motherwell depot

26001 at Polmadie

Wednesday 17/02/93
26001 was used as a route learning loco for Motherwell crews from Motherwell to Grangemouth. This was to allow them to learn the road for the (reduced) petroleum duties Motherwell would take over when Grangemouth depot closed on 03/04/93. Various other 26s also worked on this route learning in the following weeks.

Thursday 18/02/93
26006 worked AT53 Polmadie ballast, then WCML standby.

26037 was booked to haul a failed DMU from Perth to Haymarket as 5Z90, leaving at 0015. However, 037 failed at Thornton and 37201 assisted forward.

Thursday 25/02/93
26008 worked its last train. It had arrived in Ayr on 23/01, and worked various ballast duties. While on AR08, it was running light to a site near Girvan to uplift a crane. Unfortunately it collided with the crane and this knocked both buffers off and bent the frame. 26001 was sent from Ayr to drag 008 to Girvan for inspection. It was then hauled subsequently to Ayr on 03/03 and Motherwell the next day. Official withdrawal came on 12/03/93 at 1600hrs.

Friday 26/02/93
26006 worked 4D50 1413 Motherwell Wagon Repair depot to Coatbridge FLT.

26032 was sent from Perth to rescue failed 47226 at Dundee (on 6E67 Inverurie to Tyne Yard), but then failed going south at Markinch with low coolant. 37679 assisted the whole lot through to Inverkeithing, where 032 was detached.

Wednesday 03/03/93
26008 was withdrawn.

26007 hauled the last leg of 5Z31 Tyseley to Glasgow Works, from Mossend. This was load 12 of condemned DMUs.

26037 visited Methil Power Station with 21 loaded MSV wagons of coal slurry on 8G11 1740 trip ex Thornton. 26037 returned to Methil with similar workings on the next two days.

31467 hauling 12 withdrawn dmu cars from Tyseley to Mossend. 51129, 51143, 51508, 51862, 51877, 51884, 53092, 53891, 53902, 59344, 59353 and 59668. 26007 took over to work from Mossend to MC Metals yard.

26037 on long welded rail train through Falkirk Grahamston

26036 on Eastfield depot

Sunday 07/03/93
26003 was sent from Inverness to Aberdeen with the 5Z12 1440 ECS of the spare generator van. It returned with 5Z79 1730 from Aberdeen with the failed van.

Monday 08/03/93
26003+26005 worked the 6H51 1420 Inverness to Elgin and 6H52 1800 return timber trains which connect with the Dee Marsh to Elgin service. This was part of their special tests for the following Saturday’s ‘Cumbrian Tynesider’ tour. Both locos had received replacement main reservoir air tanks (003 at Perth and 005 at Inverness) before this run; and spent several days in the depot for minor repairs before the tour.

37428 hauling D5300 from Grangemouth – Motherwell

Saturday 13/03/93
1Z40 ‘Cumbrian Tynesider’ railtour; Carlisle to Hexham to Newcastle to Hartlepool to York to Wakefield to Rochdale to Manchester Victoria to Preston to Carlisle…

Wednesday 17/03/93
26007 worked the 5Z76 1615 Perth to Mossend ECS of coaches bound for Shields Road and tyre turning. 26006 took over for the short trip to Shields Road.

26001 arrived at Inverness for a B exam and the removal for inspection of the main air reservoir tanks (because the locos were now so long out of works). This took three weeks to complete.

26006 also received a B exam and work to cyclinder heads and liners. Headlights were also fitted.

Thursday 18/03/93
26003+26007 worked 5Z28 1626 Inverness to Perth load 8 ECS (ScotRail coaches going on short-term loan to Regional Railways North West at Edge Hill) and returned light.

26037 in Glasgow Central on Night Caledonian ecs to Polmadie

26036 + 5 Scotrail Green/Cream coaches included named “Clan Munro” Mossend? to Perth via Falkirk Grahamston

26025 on Larbert ballast

Thursday 25/03/93
26005+26036 came off Perth to rescue 37294 which had been running light to Inverness and failed on the climb to Druimuachdar. 005 took the T to Inverness, 036 returned to Perth with the rescue crew.

26007 made a rare visit to the Burghead branch (between Forres and Elgin). The purpose of the trip was to place two coaches at Burghead Grain terminal for the following day’s site meeting between management and staff with regard to future staffing levels of future services to the branch.

Friday 26/03/93
26007 returned to the Burghead branch with four coaches as a VIP special. The four coaches were meant to simulate the shunting of grain polybulks. After the meeting, 007 returned to Inverness with load 6.

At the end of March, 007 was stopped for an E exam and air tank work.

26037 visited the Riccarton spur near Kilwinning on crew training duties.

26025 light to Grangemouth

Thursday 01/04/93
26006 was used for ballast trip AT53, reaching Lockerbie working off Carstairs.

Saturday 03/04/93
26025 was the last of the class to work out of Grangemouth before it shut as a traincrew depot. It was in charge of the 6N04 trip from Grangemouth to Corkerhill and return. That evening it ran light off the depot to Motherwell…

26011 + 26024 on Motherwell depot (sightings by Tyne, Wear and Tees Rail Group)

26006 + 26032 + 26037 on Shawfield sidings

26039 + 26046 in MC Metals yard

26001, 26002, 26003, 26004, 26005, 26007, 26010, 26015, 26021, 26035, 26038, 26041 and 26042 on Inverness depot

08630 + 26025 were the last locos to leave Grangemouth depot when it closed today

26014, 26026, 26027, 26036, 26040 and 26043 in Perth station

26037 failed at Singer with the 7Z27 2310 Cadder to Singer ballast. 26006 was summoned from Polmadie to assist the train through to Dumbarton. Both locos returned to Motherwell.

Wednesday 07/04/93
Go here for a report an all Class 26s on this day.

26038 at Polmadie

26008, 26011 and 26024 at Motherwell

26003, 26006, 26014, 26026, 26027, 26037, 26040 and 26043 at Perth

26001, 26002, 26004, 26005, 26007, 26010, 26015, 26021, 26025, 26032, 26036, 26041 and 26042 at Inverness

26039 + 26046 at MC Metals

Monday 12/04/93
When 37087 (partnering 37080) failed at Moy on the 1M16 2020 Inverness to Euston, 26032 and 37196 came to help. 26032 hauled the failed T back to Inverness, while 37196 continued with 37080 south.

Tuesday 13/04/93
26032 was used on AH04 ballast from Inverness to Aviemore.

26008 + 26011 + 26024 on Motherwell depot

Thursday 22/04/93
26003 made what had become a rare visit for the class to Millerhill when it arrived there on the AL07 ballast from Perth.

26006 hauled 08762 from Perth to Blair Atholl, before returning light to Perth. A T picked the 08 up from Blair Atholl to Inverness.

Wednesday 28/04/93
26003 was hired to the FCPA pool when it was used to work the 6Z70 1040 Perth to Mossend (four discharged TTA wagons). 003 then returned from Mossend to Larbert on the 6Z71 1235 departure with two loaded PCA wagons of soda ash from Oakleigh.

26008, 26011 and 26024 still at Motherwell

26003, 26008, 26011 and 26024 on Motherwell depot

Monday 17/05/93
26007 made two route-learning runs between Dingwall and Ardgay, using its RETB equipment for the first time.

26003 + 26005 at Carlisle

26008, 26011 and 26024 still at Motherwell

Sunday 23/05/93
Topped and tailed 1Z46 ‘Lancastrian’ railtour from Preston to Blackburn and Colne, including a visit to the Padiham branch.

Monday 24/05/93
While returning light from Carlisle, 26003+26005 were used to rescue the 6S69 2006 Dee Marsh to Inverness timber train after 47210 had failed.

Wednesday 26/05/93
26005 was hauled dead in the consist of the 6M65 0715 Mossend to Warrington Civil Link service by 47329 and then hauled on to Shrewsbury where it was to be displayed at the Open Day on 30/05/93.

Monday 31/05/93
26005 was hauled to Crewe, where it was planned to run it light to Carlisle. However, flat batteries stopped that plan, and 005 was hauled to Motherwell.

31206 hauling 26005 into Motherwell from Hereford

Wednesday 02/06/93
2H85 1225 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

The first of the planned regular Wednesday swansong workings to Kyle and back. Anyone had an xos to Kyle before that?

Saturday 05/06/93
Standby loco 26006 was placed in store when the owners refused to sanction a replacement set of air receivers. It was replaced by 26032, after 032 had been fitted with an overhauled turbocharger. 032 was the only loco of the stored 26s that did not need new air tanks fitted.

Wednesday 09/06/93
2H85 1225 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Friday 11/06/93
26003+26005 had arrived at Carlisle on 08/06 light from Inverness and were due to go to Crewe light for a railtour. However, 005 failed with flat batteries and so 26003 was sent to Crewe with 31184 to work the 1Z47 ‘Skirl Revisited’ railtour from there back to Carlisle in the wee small hours… At Carlisle, the 31 was removed and a fully-charged 005 paired up with 003 again. They both took the train forward to Mossend where 37156 and 37196 took over to Fort William.

Saturday 12/06/93 and Sunday 13/06/93
Owing to a shortage of Ts, 26003 and 37275 were used to cover the AZ23 ballast from Polmadie to Quintinshill.

Monday 14/06/93
Owing to a shortage of sprinters, 26001+26007 worked the 2H83 1042 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh and 2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness.

Wednesday 16/06/93
2H85 1225 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

On the return, problems were encountered at Stromeferry (No Ferry), and the locos were driven in tandem to Strathcarron. From there, 26001 wasn’t providing any power, and 26007 was also losing power! Discussions with maintenance at Inverness helped the traincrew rectify the problems and the train continued.

Thursday 17/06/93
26001+26007 visit the Kyle line again, but with the 7H04 0730 Inverness to Strathcarron ballast, returning light.

Sunday 20/06/93
26001 was among the exhibits at Maxwell Park station on the Cathcart Circle for an Open Day. 26001 ran light from Shields Road to Maxwell Park rail station open day in the company of 37427 Highland Enterprise. The locos stabled on the outer circle line with 101692 running between Glasgow Central on the inner Cathcart Circle. 90017 + 303048 also on show.

Wednesday 23/06/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Again there were problems on the return; in fact, a Class 37 was despatched to Dingwall as a standby. It wasn’t needed, but 2H86 was 40 late back in Inverness. The connecting 2000 sprinter to Glasgow wasn’t held…

Most faults with the pair were down to a faulty brake valve, regulating air leaks, multi faults and some other electrical problems: all down to the age of the locos and last, long-distant works dates! 001 also had a recurring speedo problem, largely down to the way the slow speed equipment had been ripped out at Eastfield…

Wednesday 30/06/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

No problems…

Go here for a report an all Class 26s on this day.

26039 + 26046 still at Springburn

26014, 26026, 26027, 26040 and 26043 at Perth

26001, 26003, 26007, 26032 and 26035 at Inverness

26002, 26004, 26006, 26010, 26015, 26021, 26025, 26036, 26037, 26038, 26041 and 26042 in Inverness scrapline

Wednesday 07/07/93
With 26001 out of service with a speedo fault, the 2H85 service was allocated 26007+26032, but 032 had no RETB equipment… The next plan was for 26007 to work with 37404, but the driver failed 007 with draught cabs. The T went to Kyle solo.

Friday 09/07/93
26001+26007 7H04 0800 ballast from Inverness to Achnasheen and return.

Wednesday 14/07/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Wednesday 21/07/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Both locos were declared failures at Strathcarron on the return. 37025 was sent from Inverness, 26001 and 26007 came off and ran light to Inverness.

Friday 23/07/93
26003 was used as station pilot at Inverness between 0600 and 0800 owing to gronk failure.

Wednesday 23/07/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Wednesday 04/08/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Wednesday 11/08/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Thursday 12/08/93
26001+26007 ran light from Inverness to Ayr.

Saturday 14/08/93
1Z39 ‘Waverley Wizard’ railtour; from Carlisle to Waverley, via Dumfries, Annbank. Paisley, Shields Junction, High Street Junction and Falkirk High. After a quick run round, they took the train back to Carlisle via the WCML, managing 85mph down Beattock and a 20 minute early arrival into Carlisle. They then returned to Motherwell, reaching Inverness on 17/08, where 001 received attention to its faulty speedo.

D5300 + D5301 running light through Larbert at 2050 en route from Carlisle to Perth

Wednesday 18/08/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Monday 23/08/93
26032 ran light to Perth from Inverness, and later that evening on to Stirling, where it took over 5Z20 2330 Eastfield to Inverness from 37088. 5Z20 consisted of a BSO and dead 37431, both coming back from tyreturning at Shields.

Wednesday 25/08/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Wednesday 01/09/93
2H85 1235 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

Thursday 02/09/93
26001 ran light from Inverness to Millerhill, en route to the Worksop Open Day, but failed at Culloden. 26007 was sent to rescue; but eventually continued alone to Millerhill (and on to Worksop) while 001 limped home.

26039 + 26046 at Springburn

26008 + 26011 + 26024 at Motherwell

Saturday 04/09/93
26032 and 37106 ran light from Inverness to Perth. 016 is detached at Blair Atholl and used to drag failed 37188 on the 1H33 1333 Glasgow to Inverness while 032 continued light.

Sunday 05/09/93
26032 was on 7Z85 ballast from Perth to Dundee.

Monday 06/09/93
26007 arrived back at Millerhill from Worksop in the company of 37692. Later that day both 007 and 032 arrived back separately at Inverness.

Saturday 18/09/93
2H83 1042 Inverness to Kyle of Lochalsh
2H86 1705 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness

This was the last Class 26 passenger working in service.

Go here for a report an all Class 26s on this day.

Monday 20/09/93
26007 was sent light from Inverness to Motherwell.

Thursday 23/09/93
26007 was sent from Motherwell to Corkerhill to pick up the saloon, and then ran to Queen Street. From there, it left as 2Z01 at 0740, heading for Inverkeithing where it was due to give way to 60009. However, 007 failed at Gartshore with a possible TM flashover. 37167 was sent from Eastfield to drag 007 off the main line into the loop; then 37184 came off Thornton to continue the journey. 37167 hauled 007 back to Motherwell.

Tuesday 28/09/93
A patched up 26007 arrived back at Inverness.

Thursday 30/09/93
There was supposed to be a farewell Class 26 railtour organised by an outfit called Victoria Travel… it was, however, cancelled at the last minute. This was supposed to feature a tripleheader over the Highland Main Line, so 26003 and 26032 were despatched south from Inverness, followed an hour later by 26005. The three locos were tied together at Aviemore to test the multi equipment before proceeding to Perth.

Friday 01/10/93
As news was released of the tour’s cancellation, 032 ran back to Inverness light in the mid-afternoon.

Saturday 02/10/93
26003+26005 ran light to Inverness, arriving at around 1500hrs. They were shut down and stored.

26039 + 26046 still at MC Metals

26011 + 26024 at Motherwell depot

26001, 26003, 26005, 26007, 26032 and 26035 on Inverness depot

26004, 26014, 26025, 26026, 26027 and 26043 at Perth

26008, 26011 and 26024 at Motherwell

Sector Changes in 1993
26001; 04/10/93 RAJE/Withdrawn
26003; 02/10/93 RAJE/RFJX
04/10/93 RFJX/Withdrawn
26005; 02/10/93 RAJE/RFJX
04/10/93 RFJX/Withdrawn
26006; 26/04/93 RAJE/RAJW
05/06/93 RAJW/RFJX
06/09/93 RFJX/Withdrawn
26007; 02/10/93 RAJE/RFJX
04/10/93 RFJX/Withdrawn
26008 12/03/93 RAJE/Withdrawn
26025 26/04/93 RAJE/Stored
15/07/93 Stored/RFJX
04/10/93 RFJX/Withdrawn
26032 26/04/93 RAJE/RFJX
13/06/93 RFJX/RAJW
24/06/93 RAJW/Stored
02/10/93 Stored/RFJX
04/10/93 RFJX/Withdrawn
26036 26/04/93 RAJE/Stored
15/07/93 Stored/RFJX
04/10/93 RFJX/Withdrawn
26037 26/04/93 RAJE/Stored
15/07/93 Stored/RFJX
04/10/93 RFJX/Withdrawn

RAJE ScotRail Departmental Civil Engineer
RAJW ScotRail Departmental Civil Engineer (weekend-only; 45mph restriction)

RFJX Regional Railways Stored Unserviceable


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