The class saw very little passenger work. The closure of Eastfield depot was announced, and the class was allocated to Inverness. Highlights include pairs to Inverness, Oban, Manchester and down the Sou’West; plus the triple header over the Highland Main Line…
26041 in Carlisle station (sighting by Tyne, Wear and Tees Rail Group on this date)

26005 + 26008 in Ayr depot

Eastfield depot contains 26001, 26002, 26004, 26006, 26010, 26014, 26015, 26021, 26024, 26026, 26027, 26028, 26032, 26035, 26036, 26037, 26042, 26043 and 26046.

26039 in Springburn works
26038 in Grangemouth depot
26007 + 26011 on Motherwell depot

Sunday 05/01/92
26041 runs light from Carlisle to Wigan to tow wheelskated 47218 from Springs Branch to Carlisle (the Duff was destined ultimately for Thornaby and its wheelturning facilities.) 041 departed Wigan at 2100 to Carlisle; managed a trip to Maxwelltown the next morning (6Z50/51 petroleum) and then ran to Tyne Yard on the Monday evening.

Tuesday 14/01/92
26003, 26004, 26006, 26007
Hired out at various times in a rotating pair to FEPE (Trainload Coal) for MGR trains to cover for Class 37 shortages over an eight week period. Two to three additional SSuX trains ran daily between Longannet and Kincardine power station in Fife.

26004 and 26007 were the original hired pair, but 004 failed on ballast trip AT52 just before the lease started, and 26003 was sent with 007, arriving Thornton 15/01/92. 003 had just been fitted with new wheelsets. The pair then worked MGRs for several days until 26003 (which had been slow speed defective since 20/06/91) was swapped with 26006. 006 and 007 then worked the 6Z18 MGR shuttle until 27/01/92, when, on arrival at Eastfield for inspection, 26006’s slow speed unit was found to be defective as well!

So, 006 and 007 were split and 004 and 007 were teamed up as originally intended…They returned to Thornton on 28/01/92 and worked MGRs until the cessation of the working on 06/03/92.

Meanwhile, the almost-forgotten weekend-only pool got the chance to come out and play. DCHB machines 26014 and 26042 were ‘transferred’ temporarily to the A pool to cover for the two xos absentees. In reality, 26014, 26024, 26032, 26036, 26037 and 26042 were used on a variety of DCHA trips. 26042 spent a two-month period working ballast trips and Tiger Freightways traffic in the Millerhill-Mossend-Thornton triangle.

Wednesday 15/01/92
The closure of Eastfield depot, with the loss of 120 jobs, is announced. All of ScotRail’s departmental locos were to be transferred to Inverness. This would be the first time the xos locos were allocated there. Click here for Class 26s at Eastfield.

Monday 27/01/92
47676 failed at Edinburgh Waverley prior to working the 1S79 2110 Euston to Aberdeen sleepers. No other ETH loco was available, so the train was caped (the normals went to Aberdeen by the first tram, and the ECS worked to Aberdeen by 47114 later that day).

26025 dragged 47676 from Millerhill to Inverness, departing 0600 and arriving at 1040. 025 was then allocated back on the 6B70 1320 Inverness to Millerhill block train (usually about 10 empty cement wagons) as far as Grangemouth. This turn was usually a FEPE 37.

26038 and Observation saloon 80975 North through Stirling

Wednesday 29/01/92
26041 was borrowed to work the Carlisle ballast trip PN12, which goes as far south as Carnforth.

26005 worked 2Z01 (a Glasgow inspection saloon for civil engineers) round Rutherglen, Mossend and Lanark. (A week later, 26025 was used, and 26038 also managed to work this saloon at the end of February).

Thursday 30/01/92
26041 ran light from Carlisle to Tyne Yard to work an additional freight service, the 6Z46 1145 Tyne Yard to Workington Yard, arriving at 1615. It then returned light to Carlisle at 1730.

26025 through Falkirk Grahamston hauling ballast cleaner, twin jib crane and 3 Dogfish ballast wagons

Wednesday 05/02/92
26041 worked the 6M80 0925 East Riggs to Carlisle MoD ammunition train. This, the only booked turn for a 31 in Scotland, was worked by 041 owing to a Class 31 shortage…

26025 on Mossend ballast

Friday 07/02/92
26003 fails with coolant problems on the AL07 Perth ballast turn at Laurencekirk and is eventually dragged to Aberdeen for attention.

26008 7N18 Larbert – Partickhill ballast

26008 7N18 Larbert – Glasgow ballast

Sunday 16/02/92
26008 works the first passenger turn of the year, albeit a tour and albeit not for very far… A4 Class 60009 ‘Union of South Africa’ was booked to work an InterCity charter from Glasgow Queen Street to Waverley to commemorate 150 years of the line. Since kettles are banned from charging up Cowlairs bank owing to their tunnel-lining destroying tendencies, 26008 was used to pilot to Eastfield shed.

26003 7N18 Larbert – Mossend ballast

Thursday 20/02/92
26002 emerges from Eastfield after its collision repairs in the new Dutch livery. However, the loco was still having problems with its engine speed trip faults, and failed on 12/03/92 at Dalmuir while working Dumbarton to Cadder with some empty ballast wagons.

26038 also emerges in Dutch livery the same day.

Monday 24/02/92
26008 runs light from Perth to Inverness for crew training duties for fitters and drivers, as fewer than half of Inverness drivers were by then familiar with the class. Two days after its arrival, 008 failed with electrical problems serious enough for 008 to have to be dragged back to Eastfield for attention to its main generator! It was placed inside 37405 on the 6B70 1820 Inverness to Millerhill via Grangemouth on 02/03/92 and finally arrived at Eastfield the next morning (the loco was returned to traffic on 09/03/92.)

Friday 28/02/92
Weekend-only 26036 is pressed into service after the failure of the train loco to work the final leg of the 7S43 ThO Sellafield to Torness nuke train, from Millerhill to Torness. It also worked the return leg 7M50 FO Nukex back to Millerhill.

26035 suffers a major loss of power while working theAT52 ballast trip and is towed to Eastfield. Major repairs began on the power unit and main generator, but the loco ultimately needed a transplant, with the intact engine and generator from 26028 being put in. 035 came off shed on 02/04/92.

Monday 02/03/92
Go here for a report on all Class 26s for this day.

Tuesday 03/03/92
26042 arrives at Inverness for crew training duties to replace 26008.

26038 works 6N33 2145 Bishopbriggs to Grangemouth empty tanks (usually a pair of 37s).

Tuesday 10/03/92
26040 fails on the 6G47 0350 TuThO Mossend to Thornton Tiger Freightways service. 26005 was despatched from Grangemouth to assist to Thornton. 040 was battered at Thornton, but the Millerhill driver then assigned to return 040 reported the loco was producing only 600amps with the handle right back.

Thursday 12/03/92
Despite this low power, 26040 works the 7S43 ThO Sellafield to Torness nukex. 040 ran light from Millerhill to Carlisle to pick up the flask, and worked back to Millerhill where a T took over. 26040 then worked 6N29 0718 Millerhill to Grangemouth, a cement train normally 47-hauled.

Monday 16/03/92
26042 has its first trip off the shed at Inverness on crew training. It ran light to Aviemore and back, which allowed Inverness’s two English Traction Inspectors to familiarise themselves with the motive power! All crew training runs would be confined to the Highland Main Line owing to a lack of paths on the line to Aberdeen.

Wednesday 18/03/92
26043 returned to traffic after three months out of service with TM problems. It failed at Shettleston two days later (main generator) and was towed back to the Field. It re-entered traffic on 27/04/92.

Friday 20/03/92
26001 turns out on the inspection saloon, visiting Queen Street, Cowlairs, Mossend, Larbert, Polmadie and Glasgow Central.

26041 stabled at Carlisle for Maxwelltown branch petroleum duties

26041 stabled at Carlisle

Saturday 28/03/92
26041 9Z79 0525 Calisle Yard to Mossend, via the G&SW. After the demise of Vic Berry’s Leicester operation, M.C. Metals took over as one of the main contractors for disposal of scrap engines. Two 45/1s were the consist, with 31275 attached at the rear for braking force. 26041 towed the peaks north at the sedate speed of 25mph (the first over the line since 45013?), reaching Mossed a mere five hours later… The 26 and 31 returned light to Carlisle immediately after dumping the Peaks.

Monday 30/03/92
26007/D5300 was pressed into action on 6N33 2145 Bishopbriggs to Grangemouth petroleum tanks.

26035 at Carstairs

26006 on Southbound ballast through Mossend

Thursday 02/04/92
26011 5Z52 0110 Eastfield to Inverness; Eastfield to Perth. Eastfield had been busy painting vacuum-braked Mk2 stock in ScotRail’s then latest livery in preparation for the extravaganza of loco-hauled summer dated services that the 156/158 revolution had caused… A T took the coaches to Inverness from Perth.

26002 + 26007 on Larbert ballasts

26005 in Mossend yard

Friday 10/04/92
RAJE 26025 was used to haul several freightliner flats from their regular repair depot at Motherwell TMD to Coatbridge FLT for one of the evening’s Willesden liner services. It wasn’t uncommon to see Class 26s on various lightly-loaded Freightliner services between Coatbridge FLT and Gushetfaulds when there was a shortage of electrics. The service which tended to feature the class most was the 4D50 0500 Gushetfaulds to Coatbridge, the 26 usually returning on 4D51.

Saturday 11/04/92
26011 failed at Grangemouth, and was dragged to Eastfield. On inspection, its bogies were found to be beyond economic repair. 26028 was called upon to donate its bogies to 011.

Saturday 18/04/92
After spending the entire winter and early spring stuck in its daily routine of the Maxwelltown trip, 26041 was long overdue a trip north for some maintenance. It was paired with 37080 on the 6Z43 0410 Carlisle Yard to Grangemouth, an additional petrol flow, eventually arriving at Grangemouth around 0715. There it received a B exam and a new set of brake blocks. 041 returned light to Carlisle on 21/04/92.

Saturday 25/04/92
Network Northwest Day. 26001+26040 were due to work the 0852 Manchester Victoria to Barrow and return, but nothing on the day went smoothly!

The farce began with 26001 and 26002 being allocated for the duty and both were assigned special tests at Eastfield. Five minutes before their departure to Manchester, 002 was failed with its by now customary low power fault. 26040 had arrived at Eastfield earlier that day with the AT52 ballast trip, so that was grabbed instead… The pair departed and headed for Newton Heath, Manchester, with a six hour fester at Carlisle en route.

Almost as soon as the train departed Manchester Victoria, it was apparent to most on board that there was a problem with the brakes on the second loco. Unfortunately the traincrew took another 8 miles to realise and the rain stopped only because the guard had had the good sense to apply the brake before Bolton. 26001’s straight air brake had not been released after tying the locos on…

At Bolton, 001 was dumped in the through road and 040 carried on solo. However, it got as far as Lostock when one of the coaches needed attention to its brakes. There was a delay of around 40 minutes, and, with 040 suffering from low power, Preston was finally reached a mere 90 down. The train was caped and both 26s were back on Eastfield on Monday evening. No apparent problems were found on 001’s bogies.

26041 was on static display at Longsight Open Day. It also returned north under its own power and arrived back at Carlisle around 5am, just in time to work its trip to Maxwelltown.

26041 stabled in Carlisle

26007 on Larbert ballast

Wednesday 29/04/92
26038 turns out on the 7S52 1818 ThO Sellafield to Fairlie nuke train, working from Carlisle to Fairlie High. 26038 had run light to Carlisle to work the train from Ayr depot owing to a shortage of Ts.

Thursday 07/05/92
Intercity had hired two RAJV 37s from ScotRail to cover the Royal Scotsmen summer diagrams, so both Perth ballast turns were rediagrammed for Type Twos. 26004 and 26040 were despatched from Eastfield to Perth to work the AL0x series of trips. However, 040’s stay proved to be extremely short, as it failed the next day at Perth Yard on AL04. 26006 arrived the day after from Eastfield to replace it.

26011 on Mossend ballast

26036 on Motherwell depot

Monday 11/05/92
26004 made two separate trips to Aberdeen on ballasts from Perth Yard.

Mid-May sees 26032+26037 on regular weekday workings on the 6B78/8D67 Millerhill to Mossend departmental services.

26007 shunting Stirling ballast

Tuesday 12/05/92
26025 was stopped for a B exam at Eastfield and the opportunity was taken to repaint 025 into Dutch. It emerged on the 27/05/92 and promptly worked the 2Z01 civil saloon from Glasgow to Carlisle down the Sou’West; running back light along the WCML.

Wednesday 13/05/92
26003 returned to traffic after another CPC171D3 traction motor had been reconditioned by Doncaster. While the TM and axle repairs were underway, it was repainted Dutch, the 13th Class 26 to carry the livery.

Wednesday 27/05/92
26002+26003 work to Aberdeen on a ballast from Perth Yard.

Thursday 28/05/92
26008+26003 work to Aberdeen on a ballast from Perth Yard.

Friday 29/05/92
26041 was used again by the Eastern Region to drag a demic 37 from Carlisle to Tyne Yard as the 0Z00 1935 Carlisle to Tyne Yard. 041 returned light.

Sunday 31/05/92
26008 worked 5Z20 1730 Perth to Inverness. This coal-liveried machine was used by control to take a defective coach back to ScotRail’s coaching resource centre at Inverness. Since 26002 was in need of an A exam, it was also dragged to Inverness in the consist by 008. Both locos returned to Perth separately; 008 coming back light later that Sunday and 002 returning on Monday.

Monday 01/06/92
0705 Perth-Kirkcaldy-Waverley; and 1130 Edinburgh-Kirkcaldy-Inverness; Waverley to Perth. 47675 had failed with flat batteries, so sparkling Dutch machine 003 was borrowed to work the 0705. Owing to a temporary restriction on locos at a bridge ear Dunning, the diagram was swapped for the 0705 and the 0708 (which runs via Stirling). So, the 158 went via Stirling and the 26 went via Kirkcaldy. Upon return to Perth, 003 was removed for a recharged 47675. 003 did manage a trip to Inverness later that day in a pair with 26002 on the AL04 ballast trip from Perth. 003 was the first 26 to work a normal service train in 1992.

Tuesday 02/06/92
Go here for a report for all Class 26s on this day.

Wednesday 03/06/92
26007 is borrowed to work the 7S52 1818ThO Sellafield to Fairlie nukex from Falkland Yard to Fairlie and 7M22 Fairlie to Falkland Yard.

Monday 08/06/92
26003 was allocated the 0708 2P10 Perth toWaverley via Stirling after 47675 is sent to rescue the overnight Inverness to Euston when 37156 and 37251 failed. However, 003 was failed at 0426 with load regulator problems and 26011 was allocated instead! However, the driver couldn’t start 011 owing to its flat batteries at 0700, so the train was caped.

Wednesday 10/06/92
1015 1B26 Inverness to Waverley; from Blair Atholl to Perth. 47671 blew at Dalnacardoch with lubricating oil problems. 20905 was running light from Kilmarnock to Inverness to assist 20904 which had failed the previous day on weedkilling duties, so 20905 was snatched to be sent wrong line to haul the 47 to Blair Atholl. There it was detached to continue its journey north and 043 came off Perth to drag the train to Perth, where it was caped.

Thursday 11/06/92
26010+26037 had a rare weekday outing when called upon to take the 0307 6D35 Grangemouth Oil terminal to Hawkshead tanks, owing to T shortage. Both locos returned light. 26037 then worked ballast trip AN05; 26010 ran to Perth to work trip AL04 to Aberdeen, the first weekend-only 26 to reach the Granite City.

26014 7N18 Mossend – Larbert ballast

Saturday 27/06/92
1130 Waverley to Inverness and 1627 Inverness to Waverley. This time we made it both ways!

26004 + 26026 on 0644 Perth – Edinburgh

Monday 06/07/92
26041 returned to Eastfield for repairs which could not be carried out at Carlisle. Afterwards, it ran light engine to Grangemouth and then to Carlisle, arriving in time for its Maxwelltown trip.

Tuesday 07/07/92
26026 worked the 2Z01 inspection saloon around branches in the Glasgow area.

26042 7L07 1230 Perth Yard to Aberdeen. Normally this trip is a pair of 26s, but 042 took it solo.

Friday 10/07/92
26005’s main generator catches fire at Dalry while working the AT52 1040 Barassie PWD to Rutherglen PWD. The fire was extinguished quickly by the traincrew, and 26038 assisted the train to Roche sidings. 005 was returned to traffic after inspection by Eastfield on Wednesday 29/07/92.

Sunday 12/07/92
1Z47 0835 Waverley to Oban; 1Z48 Oban to Waverley; from Oban to Dumbarton Central.

26042+26036 1Z48 Oban to Waverley; Dumbarton Central to Waverley.

Another ScotRail adex which 6LDA member Andrew Dzikowskyj ‘suggested’ would be a good turn for a pair of 26s in their final year, and which Peter Brown, ScotRail Resources Manager, arranged.

The train left Waverley all right, but 26025 shut down at Polmont. After a delay of 25 minutes, it was restarted, but managed to work only as far as Craigendoran Junction, leaving 26026 to drag it and the train to Oban up some of the fearsome West Highland gradients! 26025 was restarted by the crew every time we stopped for tokens, but would power for only a few miles before shutting down again. It has to be said that 26026 saved the day: although there were times when the train was down to walking pace, it just kept thrashing away.

On the return from Oban, 026 was again left to do all the work right from the start of Glencruitten… Fortunately, a second pair of 26s had been arranged to take over from 026 at Dumbarton Central when it had become apparent how poorly 025 was, so 26042+26036 replaced 025+026 at Dumbarton Central had a very spirited run back to Waverley by a driver keen to recover time.

Thursday 16/07/92
26042 derailed at the end of the up loop just south of Dalmeny station while running light overnight from Perth to Millerhill. Apparently, after receiving the road, the signalman had ‘shut the road’ on 042 at the very last moment, causing it to overshoot a set of catch points, leaving its front bogie resting on the ballast.

042 was rerailed later that day, and towed at 25mph to Millerhill. A thorough inspection revealed that the air brake systems on both bogies were severely damaged, rendering the loco effectively immobile. Over the next few days, Millerhill proved they had the technology and rebuilt the systems, allowing 042 to depart for Inverness at 1630 on Sunday 19/07, hauled by 37285, with 37088 providing braking force.

Saturday 18/07/92
26026 dragged 26015, 26021 and 26027 to Perth where they would be dumped as ‘Christmas Trees’ behind the famous wall. With the closure of Eastfield, they were moved to Perth to be robbed/forwarded to Inverness as required.

Monday 20/07/92
26041 6L12 1130 Workington Yard to Carlisle. 041 ran down to Workington on the PN12 trip owing to a Class 31 shortage.

Thursday 23/07/92
26024 6D03 0130 Perth to Mossend. 024 had worked this train (booked for a Spoon) on a few occasions while working off Thornton. On this date it returned from Mossend on 8G39 to Methil Power Station and ran light to Thornton.

Friday 24/07/92
2G22 0750 Kirkcaldy to Waverley. Owing to a severe shortage of units at Haymarket, they had kicked out a demic 101 the night before to Perth. This had totally failed on arrival, and was dragged as 5G22 to Kirkcaldy by 004 at 0645. 004 then dragged the unit on the service train to Waverley, where 004 was failed with a dud speedo.

26010 1M97 2250 Glasgow to Birmingham postal; Polmadie signal M170 to Carstairs. 86414 failed and 010 was the only engine in the area, as it was at Rutherglen PWD with the OT52 trip. 010 was attached, departing the signal at 2334 and reaching Carstairs at 0020. 86216 ran light from Glasgow Central and took over.

Saturday 25/07/92
26038 6S59 1830 Scunthorpe to Stranraer; Girvan to Falkland Yard. 37883+37714 failed at Girvan and 038 ran down to drag the train back to Falkland Yard, where the Ts were detached to Ayr shed for a battering.

26041 0Z00 0655 Carlisle to Springs Branch and return. This working was 041’s last spin as a FPAE loco, and was probably just a run for the riot, as it went there and back light engine… The following morning, 041 returned to Polmadie a RAJE loco.

Wednesday 29/07/92
26038 6R10 0550 Falkland Yard to Stranraer (Town).

26004 5Z82 1120 Perth to Inverness and 5Z83 return. An ECS movement.

26025 0Z00 Ayr to Perth to Ayr; then trip R143 to Dumfries.

26008 is towed to Inverness by 37408 on 6H33 2350 Millerhill to Inverness freight, after being stuck at Eastfield for several weeks with traction motor problems. A reconditioned traction motor arrived at Inverness eventually from RFS Doncaster, but, during fitting, it was discovered that brushes were missing and the casing had been damaged at Doncaster, so 008 remained on shed for longer than planned…

Thursday 30/07/92
26004 AL04 and AL07 Perth trips; Perth to Inverness and Perth to Aberdeen. A big day out for 004: it left Perth at 0001 and arrived Inverness 0335. It returned to Perth, arriving at 0600 and then departed for Aberdeen at 1230, this time paired with 26011. The pair returned and 004 worked the 7L04 2355 Perth to Mossend.

26037 was sent to Inverness for a C exam, as Eastfield shed was retricted to A and B’s only.

26025 + 26038 in Ayr depot (sightings by Tyne, Wear and Tees Rail Group)

26026 on Motherwell depot

26001, 26002, 26003, 26006, 26007, 26010, 26032, 26040, 26043 and 26046 on Eastfield depot

26039 in MC Metals yard

26004 on Grangemouth depot

26024 at Thornton yard

Sunday 02/08/92
26035 dragged demic 37175 to Inverness from Perth; returning on 5Z84 ecs (one coach going for tyre turning).

Tuesday 04/08/92
26006 fails on AN18 1325 Mossend to Partick ballast with low oil pressure. It limps back to Eastfield and sits there for a month awaiting repair, being released to traffic on 07/09/92.

26005 on ballast train in Mossend yard and 26041 stabled in the yard

Friday 07/08/92
26042 works a few test runs following completion of its D exam. Sadly not on the 1044 Glasgow to Dundee, but 6B70 1115 Inverness to Millerhill, from Inverness to Perth. It then returned to Inverness on 5Z72, four coaches from the West Highland that needed maintenance. Then it ran light to Perth for its ballast trips the next day.

Saturday 08/08/92
1T10 1119 Carlisle to Manchester Victoria and return. At 1800 on the Friday evening, ScotRail were apparently still unaware they were providing traction for the ‘Settle and Carlisle Express’ tour. As Eastfield only had two locos, they were sent with no special tests… 011+036 were dragged to Carlisle by 26004 (working off Grangemouth) on the Saturday morning. The pair had no problems with Load 13 out or back

Sunday 09/08/92
1V58 Edinburgh to Penzance; Barrhead to Carlisle. Outrageous. One of the power cars had its fire bell ringing at Central. Despite attention by fitters, the fault continued. The rear power car was shut down. The train set off, but, on arrival at Barrhead, the driver announced the front power car had shut down as well… 005+026 were put together at Polmadie and sent to the rescue, along with the special HST coupling. On arrival at Carlisle, the pair was removed for a Spoon.

Monday 10/08/92
2G22 0750 Kirkcaldy to Waverley. The unit failed at Thornton loop en route ECS from Perth. 26004 came off the fuel point to assist the unit to Waverley.

Friday 14/08/92
26042 dragged 26021+26004 from Perth to Inverness. This was to allow 021 to be used for spares at Inverness. 004 provided braking assistance (as did a brake van); and was removed at Dalwhinnie.

Monday 17/08/92
26015 was dragged to Inverness for spares by 37232.

Tuesday 18/08/92
26011 works the 2Z01 saloon from Glasgow Central to Stirling, Falkirk Grahamston, Grangemouth, Greenhill and back to Central.

26043 on Northbound engineers train through Larbert

Friday 21/08/92
26001 and 26007 are rolled out officially in their new as-near-as-possible-to-1958-livery at Eastfield shed during a short ceremony to mark the closure of the depot.

26001 was the first loco to be painted, entering Eastfield on 11/06/92. 26001 had a small West Highland Terrier logo directly above the Eastfield plates; 26007 had a standard size ScotRail blue West Highland Terrier, mounted above a plaque commemorating D5300 as the last loco to receive major attention at the depot. The logos and plaque were unveiled by two of the depot’s longest-serving staff, Paul Equi (welder and blacksmith) and Jim Kerr (painter).

26025 reaches Carlisle on 8R14 ballast trip, which normally only goes as far as Dumfries.

Sunday 23/08/92
26007 (D5300) + 26001 (D5301)
0835 1Z48 Waverley to Oban; 1548 Oban to Waverley. The green machines had a day out West. Although it began badly: 007 had been left on a battery charger since Friday at Eastfield and would not start with its frazzled batteries. Eventually it fired, but the farce had just begun. When the outward train pulled into Helensburgh Upper, both the driver and fitter climbed out and, after a ten minute discussion, decided to disconnect the multi and drive the locos in tandem. Although this had a dramatic effect on the performance of the locos for the rest of the outward and return trip, they were still not giving 100%. After the trip, 007 returned light to Eastfield and 26001 took the ECS to Perth before running to Eastfield. The next day both were undergoing repairs at Eastfield.

The entire class is reallocated to Inverness after being transferred on paper three weeks before. Most light exams were carried out by Ayr, Grangemouth, Millerhill and Motherwell, with Inverness only doing C, D and Es.

Tuesday 25/08/92
26036 (supposedly weekend-only) was used for ECS movements and driver training. It left Perth at 1245 with 5T13, an ECS movement for Eastfield. On arrival at Eastfield, it dumped the empties and picked up another set and worked 5H13 Eastfield to Inverness, where it was then used for driver training.

26042 heading light North through Larbert and 26004 seen heading South light

37088 towing 26010 North through Larbert

Tuesday 01/09/92
26040 was towed to Inverness by 47673 and was stored unserviceable the same day. 040 had been stopped since early June at Eastfield with low power problems, and the depot had never got round to repairing it, owing to the rundown of the depot and a backlog of T repairs.

Tuesday 08/09/92
26025 2Z01 saloon from Glasgow to Stranraer. It stabled overnight and returned the next day before running to Ayr and resuming ballast duties.

Saturday 12/09/92
2P10 0645 Perth to Waverley

1H11 Waverley to Inverness; from Waverley to Perth

1H11 Waverley to Inverness; from Perth to Aviemore

1H11 Waverley to Inverness; from Aviemore to Inverness

1B36 1627 Inverness to Waverley; from Inverness to Aviemore

1B36 1627 Inverness to Waverley; Aviemore to Perth

1B36 1627 Inverness to Waverley; Perth to Waverley

2P47 2122 Waverley to Perth

A cracking day out for cranks, wound up by 6LDA and ScotRail and offering the first 26 triple-header for at least 12 years… After its D exam at Inverness, ‘banger blue’ 042 was performing well, so the first part of the diagram went well enough, apart from a windbag driver. The 1130 was wedged though, as it was down to five coaches from the expected 7. It was the same driver on the return to Perth, so we arrived at Perth 15 down. 26002 then reversed on to the pair already on the train, and… the guard announced he refused to take the wedged train forward as he considered it a ‘danger’. After a short, but career-defining call to ScotRail Control, the guard re-emerged with his bottom lip dragging on the platform and announced that we would be going forward after all.

We left some 50 late, and 002 was no great help as per usual. It was removed at Aviemore as booked, but the driver announced he wouldn’t take it back to Perth. As it turned out, this was to be 002’s last working. We headed off for Inverness with the pair again.

Owing to the very late arrival, there was no time to refuel the pair, so they were just shunt-released and put back on the sharp end, although the chance was taken to add two extra coaches as well.

A Class 37 was despatched to Aviemore with 26035 (fresh off repairs but odds-on better than 002) to complete the diagram, and also hauled 002 to Inverness.

The pair took the 1627 to Aviemore, and 26035 was attached as well for a truly storming run down the Highland Main Line, delighting cranks, ScotRail staff on the train and photting by the lineside et al. 035 ‘should’ have been detached at Perth, but 001 was removed instead as low on fuel and no doubt for the riot too… 042 and 035 (fitted with banger blue 26028’s engine and generator) had a great run to Edinburgh and then back to Perth.

1Z52 Longannet to Culross; working numerous trips. It was an open weekend at Longannet power station and there was a free shuttle train service from Longannet to Culross, with a kettle powering to Longannet and 26007 powering to Culross.

Sunday 13/09/92
26007 1Z52 Longannet to Culross trips; then 1700 Longannet to Dunfermline. Owing to engineering, the kettle was to return to Bo’ness via Perth. 007 banked twice, on the climb at Torryburn and between Elbowend junction and Dunfermline.

26001 running as D5301 “Eastfield” 0Z47 Perth – Eastfield Depot

Monday 14/09/92
26007 2Z01 saloon Glasgow to Carlisle. It stabled overnight and returned the next day.

Friday 11/09/92
26003 was released from Glasgow Works (Eastfield having no resources to do the work) following main generator repairs, the last member of the class to be ‘ex-works’!

Friday 18/09/92
26001 had been selected to attend Thornaby Open Day, but was failed with flat batteries, so 26007 went instead. It spent three days there and then returned under its own power to Millerhill.

47361 hauling 26038 to Grangemouth

Tuesday 22/09/92
Go here for a report on all Class 26s on this day.

26032 in Cadder yard; 26014 + 26043 on Eastfield depot

Wednesday 23/09/92
26025 towed several demic 20s from Mossend to M.C.Metals.

26010 light engine South through Larbert

Thursday 24/09/92
26007 worked the 2Z01 saloon, from Queen Street to Perth via Linlithgow, Cardenden and Ladybank.

Maintenance Control at ScotRail House issued a directive that all defective 26s were to be taken out of traffic for inspection by ScotRail’s Area Chemist for asbestos on exhaust manifolds. 006 and 042 were stopped at Inverness; then 026 and 036 were taken out of service at Perth. Arrangements were made by Maintenance Control for a further 11 Class 26s to be worked to Motherwell and Grangemouth TMDs between 30/09 and 05/10/92 for inspections. A team from M.C. Metals rectified any asbestos problems.

26010 + 1 Sealion ballast wagon South through Larbert

Friday 25/09/92
Original Railfreight-liveried veterans 26010 and 26032 were transferred from the restricted use pool (RAJW) to the main class 26 ballast pool (RAJE).

A decision is made to reprieve 26040. A plan was hatched where a power unit swap would take place in Mossend Yard with the ex-Eastfield breakdown crane doing the lifting. This budget solution was a way to avoid the expense of going off-region to lift, or entering Glasgow Works. The donor loco was going to be 26024, which had yet to be condemned.

In the event, it didn’t happen. 26040 did leave Inverness on 05/10/92, towed by 37087… but while en route, the Maintenance Controller learned of a new T allocation coming to Scotland, so the power swap was caped.

26007 on Mossend – Dalmeny driver training

26010 + one wagon on Ladder – Cadder Yard freight

Friday 02/10/92
26043 rescued failed 37184 and its consist on the 6N33 2030 Bishopbriggs to Grangemouth tanks, dragging from Greenhill loop to Grangemouth.

26041 on Ayr depot
26010 on Motherwell depot
26028 + 26039 in Springburn works
26001 in Grangemouth depot
26036 at Thornton yard

Friday 09/10/92
26002, 26014, 26024 and 26042 were withdrawn in the afternoon.

26002 had long been living on borrowed time and was fortunate to escape withdrawal after its collison at Barassie. It spent much of 1992 sidelined at Eastfield or Inverness with various defects of engine, traction motors and turbo. After 002 was removed from the triple header on Saturday 12/09/92, it was taken to Inverness and examined. A new turbo was fitted, but, while on test, the diagnosis was switched to the power unit being faulty. Engine repairs weren’t sanctioned, and 002 was the first xos 26 to be withdrawn and the first Dutch-liveried 26 to go too.

26014 had been due repairs at Glasgow Works to its engine, but these were cancelled. 014 had been towed to Perth from Eastfield on 22/09/92.

26024 had failed between signals M104 and M114 on the Rutherlen & Carmyle line on Polmadie ballast trip AT52 (which was 27 empty Y/ZCV wagons). 26007 arrived from Polmadie and dragged the train to Mossend. 26024 eventually arrived at Motherwell where it was decided two traction motors were beyond economic repair.

26042 received the repairs necessary after its Dalmeny incident, and a full D exam, returning to traffic on 07/08 with a test run to Perth. However, it was switched off and withdrawn at 1830 on Friday 09/10/92.

26001 hauling Ballast Cleaner 76301 North through Larbert

26001 6N05 Grangemouth – Cadder

Thursday 15/10/92
26003 derailed at Cadder Yard PWD, and, after rerailing, ran light to Motherwell for inspection.

Sunday 18/10/92
1E12 1000 Glasgow Central to King’s Cross. Although allocated to the train (booked to be dragged Glasgow to Edinburgh by AZ36 ballast engines from Beattock), 005 and 035 found themselves stuck on the wrong side of a possession and so 47378 substituted…

Monday 19/10/92
26006 worked the 6H51 1420 Inverness to Elgin and 6H52 1800 return (six OTA wagons from Dee Marsh) after the T had failed.

26038 was withdrawn.

While on the AR14 2300 Barassie to Glengarnock ballast trip on Wednesday 14/10, 038 developed a TM defect on No.2 motor. The driver returned the loco to the depot and the TM was isolated. 038 was pre-assigned inspection at Inverness the next day, so it trundled off at 0145 the next day via Polmadie and Perth, reaching Inverness on Friday 16/10 at 1135 inside the T-hauled 6Z33 Millerhill to Inverness freight. The TM was too badly damaged to repair, so, with no authorisation for a reconditioned TM, 038 was withdrawn at 1300 hrs.

Sunday 25/10/92
26006 runs Inverness to Aberdeen to pick up an InterCity generator van needing attention.

26035 light North through Stirling

26001 + 15 ballast wagons South through Larbert

26007 South through Larbert

26036 hauling twin jib crane North through Stirling

26006 running light from Inverness to Motherwell

26007 + 26043 running light from Motherwell – Inverness

Tuesday 03/11/92
26041 ran light from Ayr to rescue failed 37712 on the 6S59 2210 Tees Yard to Stranraer Town, which had collapsed two miles south of Girvan. 041 assisted to Stranraer.

Thursday 05/11/92
26001 powers the empties for a ScotRail steam excursion, running as 5Z60 from Aberdeen to Perth. 001 then ran light to Portobello for tyre turning.

Sunday 08/11/92
1Z50 and 1Z51; worked from Waverley to Aberdeen; then Inverkeithing to Waverley. This was a steam excursion, with the kettle from Aberdeen to Inverkeithing.

006 then spent most of the next week at Inverness undergoing repairs to TMs, an increasingly common problem on such ancient locos long out of works…

037 had to visit Inverness for main generator repairs.

Wednesday 11/11/92
26025 had an E exam at Motherwell.

37294 + 26006 0D00 Perth – Motherwell

26004 was withdrawn. It had arrived at Inverness at the end of September for an E exam and was caught up in the Great Asbestos Hunt. Part of the exam was carried out, but a major backlog of T work put a halt to it. It was then decided to remove the air tanks as they were due inspection. However, just at this point, the ScotRail Class 26 requirement was reduced and 004 was withdrawn, along with 26011, 26026 and 26041. And then its new life as a 6LDA loco began…

26041 was withdrawn. 041 had failed in the Ayr area at the end of November with oil pressure problems; it was hauled north for inspection. The main lubricating oil pump had failed, and, since this is deep inside the power unit, repairs weren’t sanctioned as the unit has to be removed to fix.

At the end of November, 26010 had a major turbocharger fire which required fire brigade attendance to extinguish. Repairs weren’t sanctioned, and it was withdrawn on 04/12/92.

Wednesday 02/12/92
26037 hauled the 5M11 ECS for the 1M11 2350 Glasgow Central to Euston from Polmadie to Central after ecs loc 87020 derailed. This can be up to 16 vehicles…

Friday 04/12/92
26010 was withdrawn.

26040 was withdrawn.

Monday 07/12/92
26035 was withdrawn. Early in December, two traction motors were damaged and no repairs were sanctioned. Parts were removed immediately to use on 26001.

Wednesday 09/12/92
26025 towed 303040 from Glasgow Works to Shields Road; then ran light to Polmadie CS to pick up some TSOs and delivered these to the Works.

Friday 11/12/92
26001 returned to traffic following tyre turning and fitting of a brand new wheelset (for No.3 axle).

26043 on Larbert ballast

Wednesday 16/12/92
26025 towed 305501 from Shields Road to Waverley.

26043 ran light from Grangemouth to Perth to commence snow clearing duties on the Highland Line.

Wednesday 30/12/92
26003 powered the 6M29 0620 Larbert to Oakleigh ICI empties to Mossend Yard.

Thursday 31/12/92
26003 collected two SRPS Mk1 coaches from Craigentinny and dropped them off at Manuel Junction.

Sector Changes in 1992
26001; DCHA/RAJE
26002; DCHA/RAJE
25/09/92; RAJE/RAJW
09/10/92; RAJW/Withdrawn
26003; DCHA/RAJE
26004; DCHA/RAJE
24/11/92; RAJE/Withdrawn
26005; DCHA/RAJE
26006; DCHA/RAJE
26007; DCHA/RAJE
26008; DCHA/RAJE
26010; DCHB/RAJW
25/09/92; RAJW/RAJE
04/12/92; RAJE/Withdrawn
26011; DCHA/RAJE
24/11/92; RAJE/Withdrawn
26014; DCHB/RAJW
09/10/92 RAJW/Withdrawn
26024; DCHB/RAJW
09/10/92 RAJW/Withdrawn
26025; DCHA/RAJE
26026; DCHA/RAJE
24/11/92 RAJE/Withdrawn
26032; DCHB/RAJW
25/09/92 RAJW/RAJE
26035; DCHA/RAJE
10/12/92 RAJE/Withdrawn
26036; DCHB/RAJW
25/09/92 RAJW/RAJE
26037; DCHB/RAJW
29/11/92 RAJW/RAJE
26038; DCHA/RAJE
19/10/92 RAJE/Withdrawn
26040; DCHA/RAJE
01/09/92 RAJE/RFJX
04/12/92 RFJX/Withdrawn
26041; 27/07/92 FPAE/RAJE
25/09/92 RAJE/RAJW
24/11/92 RAJW/Withdrawn
26042; DCHB/RAJW
09/10/92 RAJW/Withdrawn
26043; DCHA/RAJE
25/09/92 RAJE/RAJW
19/01/93 RAJW/Withdrawn

DCHA/RAJE ScotRail Departmental Civil Engineer
DCHB/RAJW ScotRail Departmental Civil Engineer (weekend-only; 45mph restriction)
FPAE Eastfield Petroleum/Chemicals
RFJX Regional Railways Stored Unserviceable


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