26009 at Inverness

A close up of 26 009 on shed at Inverness on 2nd January 1976. Photo © Garry Brookes

Entered service 19/12/58
Renumbered 25/05/74
Withdrawn 05/02/77

34B (Hornsey) 19/12/58 (new)
34G (Finsbury Park) 04/60
64B (Haymarket) 05/60 (became HA)
IS (Inverness) 15/11/75
05/02/77 Withdrawn

Probably withdrawn owing to general poor condition, and severe lack of spares for other 26s at Inverness.

Original green; green plus small yellow warning panel; Class 24-style early BR blue; BR blue

Storage and disposal
Withdrawn from store at IS (Inverness).
Located at PO (Polmadie) 01/77-04/77.
Located at ZH (Glasgow Works) 05/77-02/78.
Cut at ZH (Glasgow Works) 02/78


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