26013 at Crewe Works 17th August 1980

26013 at Crewe Works on 17/08/80, when it visited for CM&EE staff to make detailed drawings for the HGO programme. Photo © David Hills

Entered service 23/01/59
Renumbered 25/05/74
Last overhaul 02/79 Intermediate
Withdrawn 18/03/85

26013 inside Dundee shed on 01/05/83. Photo © Dave Newman

26013 inside Dundee shed on 01/05/83. Photo © Dave Newman

34B (Hornsey) 23/01/59 (new)
34G (Finsbury Park) 04/60
64B (Haymarket) 05/60 (loan)
64B 06/60 (became HA)
IS (Inverness) 15/11/75
Stored 18/04/80
HA 15/11/80
Stored 09/82
Withdrawn 18/03/85

Out of service at Polmadie from 31/07/79 until moved to Crewe Works in April 1980 for detailed examination by CM&EE staff as preparation for the refurbishment programme.

It was placed in store at Crewe on 18/04/80 and transferred to Haymarket on 15/11/80, although it didn’t leave Crewe until 15/01/81.

Boiler isolated 05/82.

Original green; green plus small yellow warning panel; BR blue

26013 at Dundee

26013 at Dundee

Storage and disposal
Stored at Dundee 09/82-08/83.
Moved to Dunfermline Townhill, then to Glasgow Works.
26013 at Glasgow Works

26013 at Glasgow Works

Arrived at Thornton yard 0300 06/04/87.
Arrived at Humberstone Road Yard on 08/06/87 with 25028 and 25318 from Thornton.
Moved to Vic Berry’s yard on 09/06/87.
Cut by 12/06/87, reduced to cabs only.


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