An ex works 26025 at Eastfield in June 1978, taken from the old Caley bridge. Adrian Healey

An ex works 26025 at Eastfield in June 1978, taken from the old Caley bridge. Adrian Healey

Entered service 14/05/59
Renumbered 25/05/74
Last overhaul 07/86 G and HGR; including fitting air-brakes and removing boiler water tanks
Withdrawn 04/10/93

26025 (vo) ready to barrel off down the Sou'West on the 1545 on 01/08/84

26025 (vo) ready to barrel off down the Sou’West on the 1545 on 01/08/84; the 0740 to Carlisle and 1240 back had been 26014!

64B (Haymarket) 14/05/59 (new)
60A (Inverness) 06/60
64B (Haymarket) 05/69
IS (Inverness) 25/10/75
HA (Haymarket) 03/10/81
IS 12/05/85
HA 11/05/86
ED (Eastfield) 16/05/87
Stored 24/09/87
ED 14/11/87
IS (Inverness) 23/08/92
Withdrawn 04/10/93

At Inverkeithing on the 1642 Edinburgh to Cowdenbeath on 22/08/86. TZ

At Inverkeithing on the 1642 Edinburgh to Cowdenbeath on 22/08/86. TZ

04/87 RXX
07/87 FXX
10/87 FGWS
01/88 FXXB
02/88 FGWS
02/89 FGSE
11/89 FPAE
06/07/91 DCHB
30/09/91 DCHA
03/92 RAJE
26/04/93 Stored
15/07/93 RFJX
04/10/93 Withdrawn

RXX Parcels General
FXX Freight General
FGWS/FGSE Speedlink Eastfield
FXXB Speedlink General
FPAE Petroleum Eastfield
DCHA/RAJE ScotRail Departmental Civil Engineer
DCHB ScotRail DCE (weekend-only; 45mph only)
RAJE Regional/Infrastructure IS

OMO fitted 07/86.
High intensity headlight fitted 02/93
Boiler removed 05/82
26025 was the final unrefurbished/vacuum brake-only 26 in traffic after its general in 1982. It was the last non ssc (xos) 26 to receive an overhaul.

26025 is the star of the Ayr RailFair on 29/10/83..

26025 is the star of the Ayr RailFair on 29/10/83.

Original green; green plus small yellow warning panel; Class 24-style BR blue; BR Blue; RailFreight (07/86); Dutch (27/05/92); preserved in early BR green.

Storage and disposal
Preserved at Strathspey Railway.

Last years
4 Kirkcaldys and 2 Cowdenbeaths.

6 Kirkcaldys and 1 Cowdenbeath.

0735 Waverley to Kirkcaldy, 0931 Kirkcaldy to Inverkeithing (failed) and was rescued by 27049.

1 Kirkcaldy

Monday 22/09/86
1B36 1730 Inverness to Waverley; piloting Inverness to Perth.

26025 was at Tinsley, displayed at a railfair en route to Toton.

26025 was moved from Tinsley and arrived at Cambridge (!) on the 17/10, en route to Ripple Lane Open Day. However, owing to bad weather, it remained at Cambridge until the 26/10, when it was due to move to Derby.

26025 was towed from Cambridge to Derby by 37128.

26025 3P14 1709 WO Carlisle to Preston vans.

1H15 1803 Glasgow to Inverness, from Perth to Inverness

Friday 14/07/89
1C62 0705 Waverley to Poole; from Newington to Craiglockhart Junction (2.25 miles). All Carstairs trains from the beginning of the new timetable were going round the sub owing to electrification work at Haymarket.

The train had dropped 47017 (not unusual, as it was often an NB turn, as the diagram was for the engine to run light to Eastfield after reaching Carstairs). After a signal check just before the site of the old Newington station, 47017 then went through a red light and went to the rescue of 26025. 025 had been unable to start its train (one oil tanker on the Haymarket Yard trip from Millerhill) on the uphill section ahead. So, the two trains were tied together and then 47017 and 1C62 pushed 025 from the rear until 025 started powering. Then, the driver of 47017 shut off, and let 025 power everything to Craiglockhart Junction!

Wednesday 19/07/89
1C87 2135 Aberdeen to Euston; from Dundee to Waverley after 47709 blew up at Dundee. The train reached Edinburgh a mere 98 down.

Wednesday 27/09/89
1L31 2330 Queen Street to Inverness; Queen Street to Stirling. No 47s at the Field, so 025 was used. At Stirling they joined the portions and the 1H01 engine from Waverley went forward.

Monday 13/03/90
1333 1H13 Queen Street to Inverness; from Stirling to Perth. 47642 burst. The train was caped at Perth.

Thursday 29/03/90
1L51 Queen Street to Dundee; from Larbert to Perth. 47716 failed at Larbert, so 26025 came off Grangemouth. The train was caped at Perth and the normals forwarded on a DMU.

Monday 14/05/90
Worked Carlisle to Leeds Neville Hill ECS. 26025 was then supposed to return to Carlisle with a 31/4, but Control sent it back light engine instead. Although 26s were no longer required at Carlisle for trips weekdays, the 1818 WO Sellafield and 1818 FO Torness nuke trains were booked a 26 off Ayr; and there was still a ballast turn at weekends.

Thursday 16/08/90
1712 2Y74 Dundee to Montrose; 1808 2Y46 Montrose to Perth.

26025 leads a 31434 on the 1048 Manchester to Barrow on 20/10/90. TZ

26025 leads a 31434 on the 1048 Manchester to Barrow on 20/10/90. TZ

Saturday 20/10/90
1048 Manchester Victoria to Barrow; 1318 Barrow to Manchester Victoria. In tandem with 31434 on Network NorthWest day.

Saturday 05/01/91
1S25 Euston to Inverness; Perth to Blair Atholl. Piloting the Duff after heavy snowfalls.

Tuesday 11/06/91
26025 0100 5T30 Carlisle to Crewe (returned light engine).

Monday 01/07/91
1101 2M31 Carlisle to Barrow; 1400 Barrow to Carlisle; 1644 2C36 Carlisle to Barrow; 2012 2C39 Barrow to Carlisle. 025 spends 12 hours on the Cumbrian coast as Heaton has no fewer than 8 units out of service…

Wednesday 03/07/91
26025 took some 108s across to Newcastle from Carlisle and returns light engine.

Friday 05/07/91
1101 2M31 Carlisle to Barrow; 1400 Barrow to Carlisle.

Saturday 06/07/91
26003, 26025 and 26032 were transferred to a new sector, DCHB. This was the limited-working engineering pool.

Monday 30/09/91
26005 and 26025 were transferred from DCHB to DCHA.

Monday 21/10/91
26025 failed with a seized turbo on the 8D67 2320 Millerhill to Mossend departmental. It was towed back to Millerhill where Control arranged for 47328 to drag 025 to ED for a battering. Unfortunately, 26035 was also sitting at Millerhill that day. Cue ‘Farce of the Month’… After 47328 had deposited its 26 back at Eastfield, the fitter reported ‘no fault found’ (‘that loco’s sound, there’s no fault found’ etc etc). Meanwhile, the driver on a ballast trip at Millerhill reported he was unable to fire up the 26. Perhaps not surprising, as fit as a fiddle 26035 was now at Eastfield and semi-demic 26025 was still at Millerhill…

Monday 27/01/92
47676 failed at Edinburgh Waverley prior to working the 1S79 2110 Euston to Aberdeen sleepers. No other ETH loco was available, so the train was caped (the normals went to Aberdeen by the first tram, and the ECS worked to Aberdeen by 47114 later that day).

26025 dragged 47676 from Millerhill to Inverness, departing 0600 and arriving at 1040. 025 was then allocated back on the 6B70 1320 Inverness to Millerhill block train (usually about 10 empty cement wagons) as far as Grangemouth. This turn was usually a FEPE 37.

Wednesday 29/01/92
26005 worked 2Z01 (a Glasgow inspection saloon for civil engineers) round Rutherglen, Mossend and Lanark. (A week later, 26025 was used, and 26038 also managed to work this saloon at the end of February).

Friday 10/04/92
RAJE 26025 was used to haul several freightliner flats from their regular repair depot at Motherwell TMD to Coatbridge FLT for one of the evening’s Willesden liner services. It wasn’t uncommon to see Class 26s on various lightly-loaded Freightliner services between Coatbridge FLT and Gushetfaulds when there was a shortage of electrics. The service which tended to feature the class most was the 4D50 0500 Gushetfaulds to Coatbridge, the 26 usually returning on 4D51.

Tuesday 12/05/92
26025 was stopped for a B exam at Eastfield and the opportunity was taken to repaint 025 into Dutch. It emerged on the 27/05/92 and promptly worked the 2Z01 civil saloon from Glasgow to Carlisle down the Sou’West; running back light along the WCML.

Sunday 12/07/92
1Z47 0835 Waverley to Oban; 1Z48 Oban to Waverley; from Oban to Dumbarton Central.

26042+26036 1Z48 Oban to Waverley; Dumbarton Central to Waverley.

Another ScotRail adex which 6LDA member Andrew Dzikowskyj ‘suggested’ would be a good turn for a pair of 26s in their final year, and which Peter Brown, ScotRail Resources Manager, arranged.

The train left Waverley all right, but 26025 shut down at Polmont. After a delay of 25 minutes, it was restarted, but managed to work only as far as Craigendoran Junction, leaving 26026 to drag it and the train to Oban up some of the fearsome West Highland gradients! 26025 was restarted by the crew every time we stopped for tokens, but would power for only a few miles before shutting down again. It has to be said that 26026 saved the day: although there were times when the train was down to walking pace, it just kept thrashing away.

On the return from Oban, 026 was again left to do all the work right from the start of Glencruitten… Fortunately, a second pair of 26s had been arranged to take over from 026 at Dumbarton Central when it had become apparent how poorly 025 was, so 26042+26036 replaced 025+026 at Dumbarton Central had a very spirited run back to Waverley by a driver keen to recover time.

Wednesday 29/07/92
26025 0Z00 Ayr to Perth to Ayr; then trip R143 to Dumfries.

Friday 21/08/92
26025 reaches Carlisle on 8R14 ballast trip, which normally only goes as far as Dumfries.

Tuesday 08/09/92
26025 2Z01 saloon from Glasgow to Stranraer. It stabled overnight and returned the next day before running to Ayr and resuming ballast duties.

Wednesday 23/09/92
26025 towed several demic 20s from Mossend to M.C.Metals.

Wednesday 11/11/92
26025 had an E exam at Motherwell.

Wednesday 09/12/92
26025 towed 303040 from Glasgow Works to Shields Road; then ran light to Polmadie CS to pick up some TSOs and delivered these to the Works.

Wednesday 16/12/92
26025 towed 305501 from Shields Road to Waverley.

Tuesday 19/01/93
26025 was used on the 8B78 2330 Mossend to Millerhill and 8D37 return departmentals. Although this was now a pretty solid 37 turn, 26025 also made three further appearances between 19/01 and 23/01 on this duty.

Tuesday 26/01/93
26025 covered InterCity ballast turns vice a T and then ran to Carstairs to sit as standby engine for the WCML.

26037 shut down at High Street while hauling 90127 from Polmadie to Glasgow Works. 37069 came off Eastfield to assist.

In February, 26037 tried to haul 26025 to Inverness for headlight fitting… but shut down and 025 had to finish the journey itself. 26032 was also fitted with headlights at Perth.

Saturday 03/04/93
26025 was the last of the class to work out of Grangemouth before it shut as a traincrew depot. It was in charge of the 6N04 trip from Grangemouth to Corkerhill and return. That evening it ran light off the depot to Motherwell…

26025 panel

26025 panel

26025 running light through Polmadie on 25th April 1977.

26025 running light through Polmadie on 25th April 1977.


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