26037 + 27002 at Ferryden (Montrose Basin) 1823 Aberdeen to Waverley in October 1981. Mike Cooper

26037 + 27002 at Ferryden (Montrose Basin) 1823 Aberdeen to Waverley in October 1981. Mike Cooper

Entered service 20/08/59
Renumbered 28/09/74
Last overhaul 03/86 G and HGR; including fitting air-brakes and removing boiler and boiler water tanks
Withdrawn 04/10/93

26037 waits on the 0755 Invergordon to Inverness commutex (2H68) on 04/07/85.

26037 waits on the 0755 Invergordon to Inverness commutex (2H68) on 04/07/85.

64B (Haymarket) 20/08/59 (new)
60A (Inverness) 06/60
HA (Haymarket) 17/05/82
IS 03/85
ED (Eastfield) 16/05/87
IS 23/08/92
04/10/93 Withdrawn

04/87 DXX
08/87 FXX
10/87 FGWS
02/89 FGSE
11/89 FPAE
30/09/91 DCHA
03/92 RAJE
07/10/91 DCHB
03/92 RAJW
29/11/92 RAJE
26/04/93 Stored
15/07/93 RFJX
04/10/93 Withdrawn

FXX Freight/General
FGWS/FXXB Speedlink/Eastfield
FXXL Freightliner/General
FGSE/FGWS Speedlink/Eastfield
FPAE Petroleum/Eastfield
RAJE Regional/Infrastructure 26s IS

26037 at Inverness on 10/06/85. David Hills

26037 at Inverness on 10/06/85. David Hills

One of the IS engines to carry a stag emblem (white, or black on yellow) in blue (along with 032, 038, 040 and 041)
OMO fitted 03/86
Boiler isolated 09/85
High intensity headlight fitted 02/93

Original green; green plus small yellow warning panel; early Class 24-style BR blue; BR blue; Railfreight (03/86)

Storage and disposal
Reason for withdrawal: knackered. Cut M C Metals 02/95

Last years
Friday 12/09/86
1T20 1030 Inverness to Glasgow; (piloting 47461 Inverness to Perth).

0725 Queen Street to Aberdeen; from Perth to Aberdeen.

1M02 1013 Glasgow to Carlisle; from the Kilmarnock area (possibly Hurlford signal box) to Carlisle. 47456 was having traction motor troubles. The original plan was for 037 to assist to Dumfries, and then come off, leaving the 47 to continue. However, by Dumfries, the Duff was completely dead, and 037 worked through. 47569 took the return diagram.

1M03 1345 Glasgow to Carlisle; from Dumfries to Carlisle after 47441 blew up. Arrival was 100 minutes down…

1M18 0600 Glasgow to Euston; from Gretna Junction to Carlisle. This train arrived at Carlisle at 0945 with 26037 hauling 37516, 87020 (minus its pantograph) and the coaches… The 87 had lost the panto and come to a halt at Gretna; the T had failed rescuing it at Gretna, so the 26 saved the day. It then took the rewiring train to Gretna and stayed on site.

1T28 1250 Oban to Glasgow; from Dalmally to Glasgow Queen Street after 37407 died…

1B29 2216 Carstairs to Waverley.

1B29 2216 Carstairs to Waverley.

1B29 2216 Carstairs to Waverley.

1B29 2216 Carstairs to Waverley.

Monday 10/07/89
1A49 0702 Plymouth to Aberdeen; from Thornton to Aberdeen. 47642 had failed.

Thursday 16/11/89
2O72 1714 Glasgow Queen Street to Waverley.

Saturday 27/01/90
0850 1C67 Waverley to Manchester Piccadilly; from Waverley to Carstairs.

Friday 19/10/90
1830 2Y45 Glasgow Central to Waverley; dragging the unit from Holytown to Waverley.

Saturday 05/01/91
1S25 Euston to Inverness; Perth to Blair Atholl. Piloting the Duff after heavy snowfalls.

Sunday 31/03/91
1055 1V60 Glasgow Central to Plymouth; Glasgow to Carlisle, via the Sou’West. The original engine for 1V60 had to go and rescue 1O11 at Barrhead, so the 26s came off Polmadie.

Thursday 02/05/91
0659 2E32 Carlisle to Newcastle. Dragging a 108. It then returned light to Carlisle.

Thursday 05/09/91
26037+26038 (FPAE) work 6Z50 Grangemouth to Carlisle oil train when 37s weren’t available. 100% availability wasn’t unusual for these petroleum machines (037, 038, 040 and 041).

Monday 07/10/91
26037 transferred from FPAE to DCHB, leaving 26041 as the last petroleum 26.

May 1992
Mid-May sees 26032+26037 on regular weekday workings on the 6B78/8D67 Millerhill to Mossend departmental services.

Thursday 11/06/92
26010+26037 had a rare weekday outing when called upon to take the 0307 6D35 Grangemouth Oil terminal to Hawkshead tanks, owing to T shortage. Both locos returned light. 26037 then worked ballast trip AN05.

Thursday 30/07/92
26037 was sent to Inverness for a C exam, as Eastfield shed was retricted to A and B’s only.

26037+26006 08/11/92 at Aberdeen, having worked in on a tour from Edinburgh.

26037+26006 08/11/92 at Aberdeen, having worked in on a tour from Edinburgh. TZ

Sunday 08/11/92
1Z50 and 1Z51; worked from Waverley to Aberdeen; then Inverkeithing to Waverley. This was a steam excursion, with the kettle from Aberdeen to Inverkeithing.

006 then spent most of the next week at Inverness undergoing repairs to TMs, an increasingly common problem on such ancient locos long out of works…

037 had to visit Inverness for main generator repairs.

Wednesday 02/12/92
26037 hauled the 5M11 ECS for the 1M11 2350 Glasgow Central to Euston from Polmadie to Central after ecs loc 87020 derailed. This can be up to 16 vehicles…

Tuesday 12/01/93
Heavy snowfalls in the Highlands saw 26003+26037 sandwiched between two independent snowploughs and ploughing the Highland Main Line between Perth and Dalwhinnie, including the notorious Druimuachdar Summit.

Tuesday 26/01/93
26037 shut down at High Street while hauling 90127 from Polmadie to Glasgow Works. 37069 came off Eastfield to assist.

In February, 26037 tried to haul 26025 to Inverness for headlight fitting… but shut down and 025 had to finish the journey itself.

Thursday 18/02/93
26037 was booked to haul a failed DMU from Perth to Haymarket as 5Z90, leaving at 0015. However, 037 failed at Thornton and 37201 assisted forward.

Wednesday 03/03/93
26037 visited Methil Power Station with 21 loaded MSV wagons of coal slurry on 8G11 1740 trip ex Thornton. 26037 returned to Methil with similar workings on the next two days.

Friday 26/03/93
26037 visited the Riccarton spur near Kilwinning on crew training duties.

Sunday 04/04/93
26037 failed at Singer with the 7Z27 2310 Cadder to Singer ballast. 26006 was summoned from Polmadie to assist the train through to Dumbarton. Both locos returned to Motherwell.


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