Type Twos around Aberdeen

screen-shot-2016-12-28-at-18-38-03BFI player with Sulzers, NBLs and railcar. Plus various kettles and a Deltic. Nice film from the archives…


June at Inverness

25th June 1982 and 26046 is at Inverness.


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26038 goes south to North

26038 will be spending Spring and Summer 2016 on the North Yorkshire Moors railway. Enjoy!

NYPairbigGros copy

26024 and 27001 at Grosmont. 26024 update: currently out of service at Bo’ness awaiting shed space for some work that includes repairs to the settling tank; repair to a roof leak and some welding. The hire of 26038 will help with the bills – but more shareholders are always welcome!

Erra perra 26s

Roaming, in the gloaming…


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Blue white and brown

27043 and the new pollution…

27043 ED bigger

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Every home should have one

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 20.36.01
One of our longstanding shareholders has setup an ebid shop for selling old railway memorabilia (mainly magazines / books at the moment) with all profits made going into 6LDA coffers. Visit it here – buy stuff and help us out, or donate stuff to sell.  http://6lda-group.ebid.net/ Thanks!

Guest photo: Andrew McConnell

Class 26s - Inverness train- Glasgow Queen Street

Grainy Glasgow… 1979 Inverness morning departure… Atmospheric enough for you?