26041 at Waverley on 08/06/90. It had worked in with the 1530 from Glasgow Central: the 101 burst at Holytown, 041 had run from Millerhill to drag the train in.

26041 at Waverley on 08/06/90. It had worked in with the 1530 from Glasgow Central: the 101 burst at Holytown, 041 had run from Millerhill to drag the train in.

Entered service 18/09/59
Renumbered 29/06/74
Last overhaul 12/85 G and HGR; including fitting air-brakes and removing boiler and boiler water tanks
Withdrawn 24/11/92

26041 at Kyle. Photo © Dave Newman

26041 at Kyle. Photo © Dave Newman

64B (Haymarket) 18/09/59 (new)
60A (Inverness) 02/60
61A (Kittybrewster) 04/60
60A (Inverness) 06/60 (became IS)
HA (Haymarket) 11/85
ED (Eastfield) 16/05/87
IS 23/08/92
Withdrawn 24/11/92

04/87 FXX
10/87 FGWS
01/88 FXXL
02/88 FGWS
02/89 FGSE
11/89 FPAE
27/07/92 RAJE
25/09/92 RAJW
24/11/92 Withdrawn

FXX Freight/General
FGWS Speedlink/Eastfield
FXXL Freightliner/General
FGSE Speedlink/Eastfield
FPAE Petroleum/Eastfield
RAJE Regional/Infrastructure 26s IS
RAJW Regional/Infrastructure 26s IS restricted use

26041 on the 6S56 trip

26041 on the 6S56 trip

Twin headlights & radio telephone fitted 1976.
One of the IS engines to carry a stag emblem (white, or black on yellow) in blue (along with 032, 037, 038 and 040).
041 was the final revenue-earning 26 (as opposed to departmental); retained at Carlisle mostly for work on the Maxwelltown branch which required a Bo-Bo.

Original green; green plus small yellow warning panel; early Class 24-style BR blue; BR blue; Railfreight (12/85)

Storage and disposal
Reason for withdrawal: lubricating oil pump. Cut MC Metals 03/95

26041 shunts at Dingwall 20/06/77. Photo © Mike Cooper

26041 shunts at Dingwall 20/06/77. Photo © Mike Cooper

Last years
Wednesday 10/09/86
2K06 0831 Kirkcaldy to Waverley; 2K35 1235 Waverley to Kirkcaldy (failed at Aberdour).

1S88 1755 Carlisle to Glasgow.

1S50 0805 Carlisle to Glasgow Central.

1S37 1400 Carlisle to Glasgow and 1M56 1730 Glasgow to Carlisle. 31324 was on 1S50 and 1M03.

1S50 0805 Carlisle to Glasgow, then 1M03 1313 Glasgow to Carlisle and 1S88 1753 Carlisle to Glasgow. The full diagram…

3P14 vans to Preston.

1B29 2216 Carstairs to Waverley.

1S50 0805 Carlisle to Glasgow; from Dumfries to Glasgow. Allocated to 1M03, but a 101 did it instead.

0952 Aberdeen to King’s Cross; piloting the tram from Dundee to Waverley, after one of the ‘men’ failed…

1M42 1140 Aberdeen to Euston; from Montrose to Waverley after 47118 had blown up. 041 ran light from Dundee.

Friday 09/06/89
1B27 1916 Carstairs to Waverley.

Tuesday 27/02/90
1035 1S59 Euston to Inverness; from Larbert Junction to Stirling. 47460 was the train engine to Larbert where it failed. The train was pushed by 26041 to Stirling and caped.

Saturday 10/03/90
0630 Carlisle to Newcastle; 0902 Newcastle to Carlisle. 26041 dragged a dead DMU to Newcastle on the 0630, then took it to Heaton to swap this for a rake of Mk1s, which it pulled on the 0902.

Wednesday 11/04/90
1445 Carlisle to Barrow; 1752 Barrow to Carlisle.

Friday 08/06/90
1530 Glasgow Central to Waverley; from Holytown to Waverley. The 101 had burst, so 041 ran light from Motherwell and the whole ensemble arrived about an hour late.

Saturday 16/06/90
2050 1C63 Fort William to Euston; from Glasgow Central to Carstairs. The wires were down, so 041 dragged the Fort Bill portion of the Inverness to Euston.

Monday 29/07/91
1500 2C44 Carlisle to Barrow; 1843 2C33 Barrow to Carlisle.

Saturday 03/08/91
Maxwelltown to Carlisle. This was a Branch Line Society tour, the ‘Northern Explorer’. 26041 powered the load 12 train, with 31312 at the rear.

Monday 12/08/91
2119 2E50 Carlisle to Newcastle. 041 dragged a 108 and returned light.

Saturday 31/08/91
1110 2E38 Carlisle to Newcastle. A 31 had worked the Whitehaven leg of the turn. While returning light, several of the 26s bodyside windows fell out… so 041 returned to ED for attention.

Monday 07/10/91
26037 transferred from FPAE to DCHB, leaving 26041 as the last petroleum 26.

Wednesday 18/11/91
26041 was on a rewiring train between Oxenholme and Tebay after gales brought down the wires on the WCML.

Sunday 05/01/92
26041 runs light from Carlisle to Wigan to tow wheelskated 47218 from Springs Branch to Carlisle (the Duff was destined ultimately for Thornaby and its wheelturning facilities.) 041 departed Wigan at 2100 to Carlisle; managed a trip to Maxwelltown the next morning (6Z50/51 petroleum) and then ran to Tyne Yard on the Monday evening.

Wednesday 29/01/92
26041 was borrowed to work the Carlisle ballast trip PN12, which goes as far south as Carnforth.

Thursday 30/01/92
26041 ran light from Carlisle to Tyne Yard to work an additional freight service, the 6Z46 1145 Tyne Yard to Workington Yard, arriving at 1615. It then returned light to Carlisle at 1730.

Wednesday 05/02/92
26041 worked the 6M80 0925 East Riggs to Carlisle MoD ammunition train. This, the only booked turn for a 31 in Scotland, was worked by 041 owing to a Class 31 shortage…

Saturday 28/03/92
26041 9Z79 0525 Calisle Yard to Mossend, via the G&SW. After the demise of Vic Berry’s Leicester operation, M.C. Metals took over as one of the main contractors for disposal of scrap engines. Two 45/1s were the consist, with 31275 attached at the rear for braking force. 26041 towed the peaks north at the sedate speed of 25mph (the first over the line since 45013?), reaching Mossed a mere five hours later… The 26 and 31 returned light to Carlisle immediately after dumping the Peaks.

Saturday 18/04/92
After spending the entire winter and early spring stuck in its daily routine of the Maxwelltown trip, 26041 was long overdue a trip north for some maintenance. It was paired with 37080 on the 6Z43 0410 Carlisle Yard to Grangemouth, an additional petrol flow, eventually arriving at Grangemouth around 0715. There it received a B exam and a new set of brake blocks. 041 returned light to Carlisle on 21/04/92.

Saturday 25/04/92
Network Northwest Day. 26041 was on static display at Longsight Open Day. It also returned north under its own power and arrived back at Carlisle around 5am, just in time to work its trip to Maxwelltown.

Friday 29/05/92
26041 was used again by the Eastern Region to drag a demic 37 from Carlisle to Tyne Yard as the 0Z00 1935 Carlisle to Tyne Yard. 041 returned light.

Monday 06/07/92
26041 returned to Eastfield for repairs which could not be carried out at Carlisle. Afterwards, it ran light engine to Grangemouth and then to Carlisle, arriving in time for its Maxwelltown trip.

Saturday 25/07/92
26041 0Z00 0655 Carlisle to Springs Branch and return. This working was 041’s last spin as a FPAE loco, and it went there and back light engine (taxi move?)… The following morning, 041 returned to Polmadie a RAJE loco.

Tuesday 03/10/92
26041 ran light from Ayr to rescue failed 37712 on the 6S59 2210 Tees Yard to Stranraer Town, which had collapsed two miles south of Girvan. 041 assisted to Stranraer.

26041 was withdrawn. 041 had failed in the Ayr area at the end of November with oil pressure problems; it was hauled north for inspection. The main lubricating oil pump had failed, and, since this is deep inside the power unit, repairs weren’t sanctioned as the unit has to be removed to fix.

26041 at Cambus Jcn, 23/04/1991. TZ

26041 at Cambus Jcn, 23/04/1991. TZ


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