Loco Report – end of 2019


26038 at Thurso 07/06/80. David Hills

Overhaul of the main roof section has been completed at Bo’Ness. The locomotive has recently been shunted into the shed and an overhauled set of buffers have been fitted. At the same time the fitting of an overhauled triple-pump is being undertaken. A new set of batteries have been sourced and fitted. Parts for the replacement turbocharger have been balanced, and the turbocharger will be re-assembled and then re-fitted to the loco in due course.

The engine has performed well again at the North Yorkshire Moors Railway over the summer, although the lion’s share of work has been undertaken by the 37 as expected, with 038 substituting when the 37 has been unavailable. It has been noticed that the bodywork has deteriorated, and 038 requires some urgent attention prior to the 2020 running season. The loco has been moved back to Bo’Ness, for the winter period. A few items of mechanical work, which need to be looked at in the not-too distant future, will be attended to at the same time.

It is intended to start bodywork repairs in the new year. A number of other mechanical and electrical faults will also be looked at in the meanwhile. It is proposed the 038 will receive a new coat of BR blue livery, with the twin headlights fitted as per its time working the Highland routes.


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